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Exam Specification: RCDDv14 BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer

Exam Name: RCDDv14 BICSI Registered Communications Distribution Designer
Exam Code: RCDDv14
Exam Duration: 4 hours
Passing Score: 70%
Exam Format: Multiple-choice
Exam Delivery: In-person proctored exam

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD)
- Overview of the RCDD certification
- Understanding the role and responsibilities of an RCDD
- Exploring industry standards and best practices

2. Project Management and Design Fundamentals
- Project management principles for network infrastructure design
- Understanding customer requirements and needs
- Budgeting and resource allocation for design projects

3. Telecommunications Cabling Systems
- Types and characteristics of copper and fiber cabling systems
- Cable transmission principles and standards
- Design considerations for horizontal and backbone cabling systems

4. Network Infrastructure Design
- Designing structured cabling systems for different environments
- Pathway and space planning for cable distribution
- Firestopping and grounding requirements

5. Telecommunications Spaces and Equipment Rooms
- Designing telecommunications spaces and equipment rooms
- HVAC and electrical requirements for equipment rooms
- Rack and cabinet layout and organization

6. Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling Design
- Designing OSP cabling systems for campus and remote sites
- Underground and aerial cabling considerations
- OSP bonding and grounding requirements

7. Wireless Infrastructure Design
- Designing wireless network infrastructure
- Antenna selection and placement considerations
- Radio frequency (RF) coverage planning

Exam Objectives:

1. Understand the role and responsibilities of a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD).
2. Apply project management principles and design fundamentals in telecommunications projects.
3. Design and specify telecommunications cabling systems, including copper and fiber cabling.
4. Plan and design network infrastructure for different environments.
5. Design telecommunications spaces and equipment rooms.
6. Design outside plant (OSP) cabling systems for campus and remote sites.
7. Design wireless infrastructure for optimal coverage and performance.

Exam Syllabus:

Section 1: Introduction to RCDD (5%)
- Overview of RCDD certification and its importance
- Role and responsibilities of an RCDD
- Industry standards and best practices

Section 2: Project Management and Design Fundamentals (10%)
- Project management principles for network infrastructure design
- Understanding customer requirements and needs
- Budgeting and resource allocation

Section 3: Telecommunications Cabling Systems (20%)
- Copper and fiber cabling types and characteristics
- Cable transmission principles and standards
- Design considerations for horizontal and backbone cabling systems

Section 4: Network Infrastructure Design (20%)
- Designing structured cabling systems for different environments
- Pathway and space planning for cable distribution
- Firestopping and grounding requirements

Section 5: Telecommunications Spaces and Equipment Rooms (15%)
- Designing telecommunications spaces and equipment rooms
- HVAC and electrical requirements for equipment rooms
- Rack and cabinet layout and organization

Section 6: Outside Plant (OSP) Cabling Design (15%)
- Designing OSP cabling systems for campus and remote sites
- Underground and aerial cabling considerations
- OSP bonding and grounding requirements

Section 7: Wireless Infrastructure Design (15%)
- Designing wireless network infrastructure
- Antenna selection and placement considerations
- RF coverage planning

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RCDDv14 PDF trial Questions

RCDDv14 trial Questions

Question: 87
Before working on equipment, what is the FINAL step in the lockout/tagout (LOTO) procedure?
A. Verify the equipment controls are in the proper operating position.
B. Train workers to perform the LOTO process.
C. Apply appropriate tags both locally and remotely.
D. Confirm the device is de-energized by proving it will not run when started.
E. Confirm all unnecessary items have been removed from the area.
Answer: C
Question: 88
Which two of the following are means in which radiated interference primarily enters electronic devices? (Select two
A. Proximity to interfering sources
B. Missing or inadequate optical connections
C. Missing or inadequate device or cable shielding
D. Interface designs
E. Input signal lines
Answer: A, C
Question: 89
For the MAXIMUM flexibility of a cabling system in a hierarchical star topology, ALL backbone cables and links to
FRs should be terminated at the
A. HC (FD).
B. IC (BD).
D. MC (CD)
Answer: D
Question: 90
Which of the following statements Is CORRECT concerning best practice for horizontal cable management panels?
A. One RU of management panel for each RU of cable patch panel plus one additional RU of cable management
B. Two RU of cable management panel for each RU of patch panel
C. Three RU of cable management panel for each RU of patch panel
D. Two RUs of management panel for each RU of cable patch panel plus two additional RUs of cable management
Answer: A
Question: 91
Close out documentation is initially discussed in which of the following meetings?
A. Prime Contractor and Subcontractor Meetings
B. Kickoff Meeting
C. Weekly Progress Meetings
D. Vendor Meeting
Answer: A
Question: 92
Which two of the following are ADVANTAGES of underground conduit systems? (Select two options.)
A. Provide additional physical cable protection
B. Not adaptable for future facility placement or removal without disturbing the property
C. Economical over a long life
D. Require more installation time than aerial or direct-buried installations
E. Route planning is not as critical as aerial or direct-burial
Answer: A, C
Question: 93
What is the MAXIMUM recommended length for A in the image below?
A. 70 m (230 ft)
B. 90 m (295 ft)
C. 100 m (320 ft)
D. 150 m (495 ft)
E. 300 m (985 ft)
Answer: B
Question: 94
Which of the following is TRUE about convenience receptacles?
A. They are duplex or quad receptacles mounted on perimeter walls.
B. They must be powered by emergency power to prevent loss of service.
C. They shall be connected to occupancy sensors to ensure user safety.
D. They increase the count of outlets needed on the equipment racks.
E. They are those into which equipment, such as switches, shall be plugged
Answer: A
Question: 95
When designing a video communications network, which type of video communication link is two-person
A. Point-to-multipoint bidirectional
B. Point-to-multipoint unidirectional
C. Unidirectional
D. PTP unidirectional
E. PTP bidirectional
Answer: D
Question: 96
The type of apparatus housed in TRs varies greatly in size, purpose and function.
Which two of the following active equipment is included? (Select two options.)
A. Cross-connect facilities
B. Telecommunications equipment
C. Environmental controls
D. Lighting controls
E. Building system equipment
Answer: B, E
Question: 97
What is the MINIMUM fire rating for telecommunications spaces walls and wall linings, if not specified otherwise by
local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)?
A. One hour
B. Two hours
C. Three hours
D. No minimum requirement
Answer: B
Question: 98
For optical fiber cabling, which of the following test instruments is used to locate and identify any anomalies?
B. Optical power meter
D. Spectrum analyzer
Answer: A
Question: 99
What is the OPTIMAL lime in the construction process for ICT submittals to be reviewed by the ICT distribution
A. After the contract is awarded and before project close out
B. As part of the contract bid process to prevent project delays
C. Before the contract is awarded
D. At the beginning of the close out process
Answer: A
Question: 100
For a cost estimate, an ICT distribution designer should produce a document listing each task with a cost placed beside
them. The type of document used is a
A. So
C. spare ad sheet
D. worksheet
E. database
Answer: A

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Questions & solutions

question: How were you aware how much the monoliths at Stonehenge weigh? ~Jane

reply: They understand how much the monoliths weigh as they can calculate to their standard extent, including the bit it really is underground, and they understand what the density of sarsen, or bluestone, is. also, some of them have definitely been lifted via teach whereas being reset not that long ago, which is additionally an outstanding book.

query: it's one thing to pull a ten ton stone over three step middle planks. became anyone making best new planks four,000 years ago? doubtless lots more durable to pull a stone on rough cut timbers from ~Brad

reply: individuals at the present have been able to somewhat best bushes work and they have evidence of this from preserved prehistoric trackways in peat toilets. So, yes, they would have been capable of make easy planks.

query: Why become Stonehenge developed? I've heard that on either the longest or shortest day of the yr, the solar rises or sets simply on the entrance. Why did they construct it like this? ~Scott

reply: The constitution of Stonehenge is definitely laid out on the line of the midsummer sun upward push and the midsummer sunset, the longest and the shortest days of the 12 months, and it looks seemingly that Stonehenge become constructed to mark these two hobbies, which might had been enabled people to chart the changing seasons.

query: without using the wheel, the builders ought to have used sledges, log rollers, and a lot of americans, appropriate?

reply: sure, and their experiments reveal that it looks extra seemingly that some kind of sledge would were used to transport stones as log rollers are very susceptible to getting bogged down, primarily in softish floor.

query: How a ways has the procession of the equinox moved the place of the summer time solstice on the horizon on account that the time Stonehenge changed into built? ~Raymond

reply: It has moved a bit of, however now not enormously adequate to alter the incontrovertible fact that they are able to inform that it is this alignment that Stonehenge comprises within its constitution.

question: On the Stonehenge elevating, they used a weighted tip to tilt the leading riser stone into the hole. Why no longer just have the stone dragged up an Earth ramp with timber rails to a pivot element of timber (trees) and just burn the trees? The loss of the aid will drop the stone or is the attitude too excellent for the elevating? I can't see the stone (re: concrete) perspective stone beneath the pivot element being used. ~Don

answer: Burning a trees structure would, i think, cause a lack of handle of the stone and also the warmth generated would in fact hurt the sarsen. it be feasible that any one of the stones which they now see built into the constitution could have been used as that pivot stone earlier than being erected. There are some which have a suitable cross area.

query: using the thoughts from the display, how long did it take to construct the entire structure? ~Jerry

reply: To build the whole of Stonehenge will certainly rely on how many americans that you may use for the project. What they recommended turned into that, given a great concentration of effort, is the sarsen buildings, the biggest bits of Stonehenge, could have been constructed inside a duration of three years. They suspect that probably it took longer.

question: How did you know when it changed into developed? ~Scott

reply: The evidence for when Stonehenge changed into constructed comes from radio carbon dates which were got mostly from fragments of the antler picks used to dig the holes for the stones and the ditch.

question: What kind of language or dialect did this historical neighborhood talk? ~Jeff

answer: lamentably, archaeology can not provide us any theory of the language that the builders of Stonehenge spoke.

question: Why did not they use pullleys to raise the monolith? ~prosperous

reply: really since it seems that the wheel had not been invented at that time and a pulley is a form of wheel. if they did have pulleys, there's completely no evidence in the archaeological record.

question: The ropes that you just used, have been they bought or did you're making them? ~Kenny

reply: They purchased the ropes that they used. They had been modern hemp ropes which they were obliged to use to comply with health and safeguard regulations. they might have preferred to have made lime bark ropes to perform the entire test, but this become not possible.

query: I noticed from the display that the ancients of the time had gold. Did they've another metals? ~Robert

answer: on the time when Stonehenge was begun, no steel changed into used within the British Isles, however then copper, bronze, and gold were used, came into use.

question: the place did you get stone slabs that massive? ~Mike

reply: They weren't able to get stone slabs that large. those they moved were replicas fabricated from concrete. The areas the place each sarsens and bluestones come from are both now covered websites and it be now not viable to extract stone from them.

query: where are the stones you have got erected in this experiment now? Will they be left on this web page? It looks they are just a little heavy to move. i am hoping to consult with Stonehenge in July, hence these questions. ~David

answer: the new trill isn't any longer on the site the place it become erected. It hastily grew to become a spot of latest Age pilgrimage, and the farmer insisted on it being taken down the stones are at present in store.

question: Is there an estimated population dimension on the time of construction that could have helped circulate the monoliths less demanding devoid of using such difficult contraptions that you simply used? ~Pat

reply: Calculating the population which this time is very problematic as a result of they don't have any clear signals of where people were dwelling and how many settlements there were round. They felt that just the usage of better and greater numbers of people turned into not the reply, and that the builders of Stonehenge doubtless thought up a scheme which used much less americans in a safer and greater managed approach.

query: What turned into the closest favourite agreement to Stonehenge at the time of its construction, not including the enviornment the place the staff may have stayed? ~William

reply: There are indications of agreement inside a mile or so of Stonehenge, however the is still of settlements of this length are very problematic to find, in awesome contrast to the large structures that that these americans constructed.

query: A notion occurs to me as I sit and suppose of the Indian burial mounds in my area: wouldn't whatever thing like which have been constructive in making the ramp for the piece on suitable? How historical is the conception of mortice and tenon? additionally, are there any writings on the stones in any respect? ~Patty

answer: They comprehend that individuals at present had been able to constructing very gigantic Earth mounds and so might somewhat conveniently have constructed a ramp to drag the stone up. Mortice and tenon joints, they now have examples of those preserved from moist websites in this country that date back to at the least a thousand years earlier than Stonehenge, and there are no writings as such on the stones unless you count number extra up to date graffiti, however there are carvings of daggers and axes that seem to this point to the time of Stonehenge's constructing.

query: I noticed from the software that individuals have been used to tug the ropes. Is it viable that beasts of burden had been used for the heavy pulling? ~Sondra

answer: it's viable that oxen were used to help with the pulling and we'd have favored to have conducted some experiments. unluckily, oxen, unless they've worked together before, are remarkably uncooperative beasts, and they had been unable to get a crew collectively. but here is possible.

question: What classification of marks, if any, were left on the monoliths as evidence of how they had been moved? ~Keegan

reply: There are not any marks on the monoliths that supply proof of how they were moved.

query: In a e-book I read, it said that they probably put burning branches on a place they wanted to cut, then poured cold water on, cracking it. is that this what your test showed that they did? ~Scott

reply: They failed to definitely go into the shaping of the stones, however fire is one way of breaking and shaping a stone like sarsen. It absolutely consists of dangers, and having quarried a forty-ton block, it will be unlucky to crack it in the incorrect region. My feeling is that lots of the shaping is done by pounding the surface of the stone with mauls ranging in dimension from footballs to small grapefruit.

query: To move the stones, could the ancients have lashed adequate logs to the stone to form a cylinder, loop ropes around the finished assembly, and pull on the upper loops to roll the stones to their web site? ~Dave

answer: This was probably the most ideas that mark and i discussed and then rejected once they have been considering how they might circulate the stone. it might actually work, however may well be potentially very unhealthy when attempting to control a forty-ton garden curler going downhill.

question: Who owns the property on which Stonehenge is found? ~David

reply: The land on which Stonehenge lies is owned and administered with the aid of English heritage. with no trouble it be owned with the aid of the English americans.

question: Most non secular practices in those days involved some form of ritualistic or specific animal sacrifice. Is there any proof of such at Stonehenge? ~Botkin

reply: I don't feel they will be certain that the majority religious practices at the moment worried sacrifice and there's no direct proof of this from Stonehenge.

question: How did they carve out the holes within the desirable piece and the way did they make the stone pins that healthy interior? ~Mark

reply: both of these aspects of the mortice and tenon joint could handiest were made with the aid of pounding away the surface of the stone. definitely, to make the pin, all of the stone round this might deserve to were removed, leaving the pin standing proud.

query: may it's that the tremendous stones were moved now not on tracks, as such, however on streams or slusways for irrigation/flood control programs? ~David

answer: Water transport would undoubtedly be an incredible formulation for these large stones, but regrettably, there are not any effortless river which run between the source of the stones and Stonehenge. The route crosses high and undulating chalk downland, so this system could not have been used.

query: have you regarded the usage of a collection of sliding fulcrums the place each and every end of the 40-ton stone is pulled in flip, and in impact walking it balanced in the center? I even have finished this with tremendous 18th century logs for a log condo with only 1 helper. ~Willard

answer: however the jogging system of relocating massive weights may also be used and turned into used to circulation one of the most Easter island statues, they felt that stones of 40 tons could not be moved during this manner over particularly gentle ground with any diploma of safeguard.

question: might the climate circumstances had been distinctive enough four,500 years ago to make use of snow and ice to cut back the friction of dragging and additionally to build ramps? ~Ken

answer: The weather circumstances on the time that Stonehenge was developed were now not diverse from those who they find these days. Ice or snow could be a superb way of sliding the stones, even though it would make pulling for the pullers a lot more elaborate, however couldn't be relied upon.

query: have been the employees forced labor, or become it perceived as a neighborhood aim with benefit for all? Who was doing the farming during the construction? ~Joan

reply: It appears not going that Stonehenge became developed by compelled labor. They don't have any proof of this in society at the moment. I suppose that the americans likely gave their labor willingly in the development of a monument that had significance for a good many. without doubt, there would deserve to be adequate americans nevertheless left to carry out the farming, however the constructing work is usually a seasonal endeavor, in all probability performed now and then within the agricultural cycle when now not each person became necessary to work in the fields or take care of animals.

query: If, as is estimated on the display, it took up to 3 weeks simply to carve out the bowl for the tenon for the lintel, how lengthy may additionally it have taken to form the stones themselves? How an awful lot work did they put into the shaping of the stones? after all this time, it's relatively tough-looking. ~Joe

answer: The shaping of the stones become without doubt a really laborious technique. as far as how long each and every stone took, they undoubtedly cannot tell from their entire form how plenty stone needed to be removed to achieve this form. a few of them do seem to be somewhat rough, whereas others are very finely finished, and they suspect that they readily chose the greatest form as the stone got here out the ground, and then formed it as tons as they might be might.

question: Any sense of the role women may have performed in the introduction of Stonehenge? ~Bob

reply: individually, i am bound that the constructing of Stonehenge changed into a very communal project wherein each person participated, even if younger or old, man or girl. it's exciting to be aware that the depiction of the constructing of Stonehenge which English Heritage had on display except somewhat lately showed only men involved in its construction.

question: on account that there have been previous wooden constructions at the site, why do you feel that certain spot is so special during time? ~Heidi

reply: The reason why that certain spot turned into first chosen for the development of an easy earthen circle and a few burials is doubtful, and why that basic circle then became the center of attention of such an remarkable building is equally some thing that archaeology cannot clarify. Archaeology can't get into the minds of the builders.

question: I consider when the holes were dug, the grime was put in a big mound in entrance of the place two of the upright stones had been to be positioned. The stones have been then raised to upright with a mound of Earth appearing as a cease guide and later as an incline to facilitate moving the lintels in vicinity. ~Gayle

answer: The holes that the stones were set into certainly won't have provided adequate soil to construct a stop or a ramp for erection of the uprights. what is obvious is that if a ramp changed into used, then big quantities of soil and chalk would have had to had been brought on to web site and later removed. here is why I still individually think that the use of the timber crib become more probably for raising the lintels.

question: i'm making an attempt to determine how the long-established Stonehenge may well be raised by using your strategies, for the reason that you required a pair hundred yards of empty area on one side of the stone and enough area to lay the stone flat in the different route. in the photographs, these stones seem like very close together. incidentally, high-quality job and intensely entertaining. ~Trudi

reply: The stones within the center of Stonehenge are set reasonably shut collectively, and the necessities of space actually appear to indicate the order in which certain elements of the constructing had been erected. The sarsen trilithons within the core certainly had to go up earlier than the outer sarsen circle. but Mark thinks that his strategies would work, and that there turned into satisfactory house to perform in the means that he counseled.

question: residing in rocky New England, my sweetheart's mother and that i had to use ingenuity to move an enormous underground stone to be able to plant a straight row of border hemlocks on their property. i would no longer say they were muscular types, however my elderly neighbor confirmed us the way to dig a small hole next to the boulder, toss in stones, dig some extra, toss in just a few greater stones, except they definitely made the bolder come out of the floor. could the stone age builders are used stones as leverage instead of ramps to set the Stonehenge stones upright? ~Dorothy

reply: The difference right here appears to be between moving some thing out of a gap within the floor and elevating whatever thing up above the floor, but in fact, the precept is the same: you're presumably levering your stone up onto its bed of small stones, and i suppose you're suggesting dragging their stone up a ramp made from small stones. Chalk turned into definitely less demanding for them to get hold of to assemble a ramp in this area.

question: did you know if they've sunk deeper into the floor since they were first placed and erected? ~Adam

reply: Chalk is basically fairly firm bedrock and or not it's not likely that they have sunk extra into the floor seeing that they had been first directed. What has came about is that the floor of the chalk has diminished the answer most likely through as a good deal as half a meter and so less of the stone is definitely set into the ground than once they have been first erected.

query: what is the aim of a calendar that handiest accurately forecasts two days of the yr? ~Shea

answer: all of it depends how large these two days are, and if they are instances in the year which mark huge turning aspects at which individuals can accumulate and have fun, then that calendar has lots of intention. My feeling remains that the midwinter solstice, which is pretty near their Christmas, become essentially the most massive of these turning aspects.

question: It was outlined that the monoliths stand 20 or 30 toes above floor. How deep below floor degree are they buried? ~Dory

answer: The depth beneath ground varies reasonably drastically. The one that fell over and broke a few hundred years in the past became not buried as deeply as lots of the others. anything up to about 10 feet of stone continues to be buried below the ones that they be aware of, but some have not ever been investigated.

query: You mentioned using a trees crib, because the U-fashioned circle of stones in the middle had been after the ring. The earth ramp is proscribed by using the area inner the outside ring, correct? ~dawn

answer: They cannot be precisely bound of the order by which the sarsen horseshoe and the outer sarsen circle were constructed, however common experience suggests that the internal horseshoe was built before that complete outer ring; otherwise, getting those massive stones into the middle and erecting them would were very tricky.

query: Why did one of the crucial largest monoliths fall over? turned into it an earthquake? ~Mark

answer: No. It turned into likely as a result of the indisputable fact that it wasn't set as deeply into the floor as most of the other stones and there is proof that the individuals were digging at the base of that stone maybe trying to find treasure.

question: Do these rock buildings have any reference to the menhirs? ~Joe

answer: There are part of the equal megalithic culture—in other phrases, a tradition of constructing using massive stones of which the menhirs and alignments in Brittany are a part—and they're all developed at roughly the same time.

query: due to the fact that the accuracy with which the monoliths had been positioned, what equipment have been found, now not for constructing, however for measuring distance from the angles critical for the use of such intricate concepts of physics to assemble the trililthon? ~Brian

reply: No measuring or surveying equipment had been discovered from this length, but as they'd most likely have been fabricated from wood, it's no longer excellent that they haven't found any.

question: i was wondering if there became any actuality to the observation made by a person concerning the circumference of Stonehenge. I heard the circle would healthy exactly inside probably the most super pyramids in Egypt, with every of the walls touching the circumference of stonehenge. could there be some feasible hyperlink between these two wonderful mysteries? ~Alfred

reply: i am afraid that I don't know even if Stonehenge would healthy inside some of the tremendous Pyramids but if it would them i'm sure that it is co-incidence. There would not seem to be anything else to hyperlink tie two exceptional sites.

query: after I visited Stonehenge in 1987 i was advised that the current monument became the 6th or 7th on the web site and that it had never been a place of habitation, apart from all over the a number of constructions and a few religious caretakers. It remains a windy hill suitable without a large settlement in sight. is this this current pondering? And, if so, what will they understand of the americans who built Stonehenge that they would take so an awful lot crisis in a place far from the place the bulk of them lived, hunted, farmed, etc.? ~Mary

reply: Stonehenge has a protracted sequence of development and change and i think that you just may say that there were a couple of separate monuments on the same spot, starting with an easy earth circle and ending up with the difficult stone buildings that they see in ruins these days. americans seem never to have lived at Stonehenge itself, within the identical way that people do not are living in most church buildings. The evidence that they do have means that there have been settlements within the neighborhood at the time Stonehenge become built and used however now not nearby. There looks to have been a sacred enviornment surrounding it, defined through cemeteries of burial mounds, inside which americans have been presumably now not allowed to are living or farm. just beyond this prehistoric existence carried on just the equal as all over the place else. The intent that Stonehenge looks so remoted today is that the entire medieval villages which can be the villages of these days lie within the river valleys to east and west. for hundreds of years Stonehenge has been surrounded by using pasture and now arable land.

question: I believe that in its place of erecting the two greater stones and then placing the third on appropriate, that possibly the protrusions within the two bigger stones were used to help hang the third stone on. I know that it might take greater than just these protusions however it seems to me that it might be simpler to erect all three vertically without delay. most likely incorporating your ramp to aid lift all three stones. this is just a suggestion. outstanding demonstrate and exceptional work. ~Mark

answer: You don't seem to be the first one to suggest erecting the entire trilithon at one go. in my opinion i wouldn't want to are attempting ninety tonnes (plus all of the bushes you could possibly need to dangle the complete factor together) even with the mortice and tenon joints keeping the lintel roughly in place. Thanks to your comments about the exhibit.

query: little or no changed into stated about the numerological (dimensional) features of the web page. any ideas why there have been the variety of stones there were within the circleor why the stones were set on the certain top they were? do they align with any constellations or specific stars or is it in simple terms a photo voltaic device? ~Dave

reply: They have been truly concentrating on the building points with slightly in regards to the web site and its context thrown in. you might need a whole collection of programmes to analyze features just like the geometry, astronomy and so forth. I in my view am no longer an excellent fan of the complicated astronomy theory however are trying a publication known as 'Stonehenge; Science and Society' posted final yr which has an excellent article about astronomy. definitely, as far as i am involved, Stonehenge is a big seasonal calendar (and a gorgeous area).

question: besides the greased rails that can also had been used to flow the stones, is there any evidence that the builders slid stones down hills (possibly after a rainstorm) to take capabilities of the herbal terrain to ease the transport? ~Kevin

reply: No proof in any respect i'm afraid. There appears to be no trace of any route or construction however i'm sure that the builders would have used anything to make their job more convenient.

question: Is it possible that the intention of stonehenge turned into a sort of gateway to the heavens, what these early thought of because the transcendental realm? It perceived to me that the clustering of the grave websites around stonehenge could supply a clue to this. ~Jack

answer: viable but the one aspect that archaeology might not do is supply us access to the minds of the individuals that built Stonehenge.

query: 1. Why use the animal-fat-based greased "bloodless" - why no longer keep pots of it heated for chronic application as mandatory?

answer: i'm no longer sure that this may provide you with much of an expertise, it may make the fat too thin.

question: a different query addressed ice/snow - but why not dig a shallow ditch to pour water in right through sub-freezing yet non- snow times - stone slides on this frozen railway, however lack of snow outside it, offers traction for stone-moving group.

answer: viable however given unpredictable climate this could severely preclude the time that turned into purchasable for stone moving.

question: For hoisting stones, believe tripod carry structure, now not just a-body. No pulley; just run ropes over vertex. Alternately add notched submit as third leg to A-frame - can leisure vertex of A-body in each and every notch for incremental lifts. ~Ria and Brooks

reply: Mark and that i consider that a forty tonne straight carry would had been unimaginable. The type of ropes that they anticipate have been attainable probably will not have been capable of contend with this.

question: i know that on the summer solstice, the solar rises without delay above the heel stone, the one in the opening of the circle. If one were to attract an imaginary straight line from the core of Stonehenge and thru the heel stone, is it possible that this line would intersect with the Bosporous ("Cow crossing") or Heliopolis ("sun city") in Egypt? ~Richard

answer: No

question: What do you think of water being used to movement the stones into position. I created a mock experiment. I discovered that a circle of timber timbers supported with the aid of the mounding of earth around them, for reinforcement and ramp, would supply the ideal area to maneuver the stones into real positions. the most man power obligatory would were in pulling and pushing the stones up the ramp, as you tested on your reveal, and then sliding them down into the water. Ropes secured across the stones would permit employees to circulation into region with an awful lot less man energy than anticipated! I believe this thought has benefit. This formula can be achieved without the wheel pulley's or hundreds of men. most likely they even made a ravine stuffed with water to flow the huge stones the usage of beasts of burden over (under) floor to their destination? This thought has merit. i'm interested in your strategies. ~Brian

answer: i am not certain precisely what you're suggesting and may't see the abilities of getting the stones in water (they'd sink - or have I neglected the point). there's an issue too as Stonehenge lies on chalk which is doubtless the most porous form of bedrock so you might discover. There is no evidence of a water channel (canal) to transport the stones in and there could be a problem here too as the route that the stones would need to take is over very undulating terrain.

query: in the event that they used one A-body could they have linked two or three of them, and reduced the trouble extra? ~Doug

answer: possible, however I feel there comes a time when the construction of further and further A frames is greater problem than rounding up a few extra volunteers. or not it's a pretty good idea though.

question: Is it viable that Stonehenge was created as a spot of curative for those with nasty contagious illnesses? That might clarify who paid for the work (the filthy rich who had taken ill). It could additionally explain the burial mounds (quarantine areas) and means the burial mounds were ranked with the wealthiest guys being closest to Stonehenge. The fact that at the least some of the gold artefacts had been no longer stolen from the barrows might point out that americans have been afraid to head close these places also does not it look feasible that the guy that used the ramp to cap the trilithon bought it right. in case you were going to excavate enough earth to location a 40-ton stone would you not are looking to utilize the fabricated from your labor to make a ramp? this would additionally allow these people to lift and cap the trilathon in one day. probably right through an complex ceremony to have a good time the work. ~Brad

reply: loads of things are viable with Stonehenge however I have not heard the thought of the prosperous and infirm funding it earlier than. i'm not sure about your ideas regarding quarantine. concerning the ramp, the extent of chalk that you would get from the stonehole is relatively tiny in comparison to that which would be vital to assemble a ramp (maximum of eight cubic meters compared with at the least one hundred cubic meters). How would this allow the individuals to carry and cap the trilithon in a single day? i'm rather bound that however it became completed there have to were a occasion after they at last completed the building work.

question: i realized a few questions about the usage of pulleys. I, too, thought of this theory, and since how standard it is to make a wheel, i'm wondering why you believe the wheel hadn't been invented. also, on account that that timber would no longer last these lots of years, why would you predict to locate any archaeological facts of pulleys? I suppose you are underestimating the intelligence of these historical engineers. additionally, do you have got any _real_ engineers working with you? I doubt you, as archaeologists, have just about the mechanical awareness or ingenuity of even the least clever historical engineer. ~Daniel

reply: As archaeologists they need to take the absence of facts critically. There were satisfactory excavations of waterlogged websites with artefacts of every kind surviving (but no wheels) to guide us to believe that the people that developed Stonehenge have been no longer the usage of the wheel. Of route they do not underestimate the intelligence of the historical engineers. You appear to have left out the proven fact that Mark Whitby, who performed a vital position in the experiment that was part of the NOVA application, is a "real" engineer. i'm sorry that you've one of these low opinion of archaeologists; might be they won't have the gathered skills of an ancient engineer (even some of the least intelligent ones) but they do have a real love of the past and a fit recognize for its inhabitants.

query: you've likely answered the concepts of "counterweights" 1,000,000 times, or even the compulsion for it. With buckets, ropes, logs, ramps, sand and/or rocks - progressively extended sizes of rocks - may these wonders have been constructed through simply just a few individuals? Is there a technically disqualifying factor of this idea or easily a, "why should still they use counterweights"? ~Lee

reply: Theoretically it will be possible to flow gigantic weights by using a small weight to support move a larger one, etcetera, but I think the concept of Stonehenge being the work of a small group of individuals is not likely. You definitely couldn't circulate the massive stones during this way.

query: i was questioning if it will be possible in the event that they might have constructed a hill over the entire area. Then with ease dig a hole or maybe used forms earlier than the dirt become hauled in. in this method the massive stones could be set in place in a great deal the equal means as proven on may additionally 5. i might should see a Geothermal map of this enviornment to be capable of tell if there have been any enormous holes dug that might imply this. ~Randy

answer: Theoretically viable, but not going. The extent of chalk and soil required could be huge and there are no signs of any quarries in the vicinity of Stonehenge which could have supplied this fabric,

question: might there be any link between Stonehenge and other colossal stone works elsewhere in the world, such as the pyramids? As there isn't any professional written history, might the "giants from Africa" be Egyptians, or one more race, and is not it funny that all of them got here from distinctly the same time period?.....the workmanship is a little diverse, but nevertheless, the strategies used to movement massive pieces of stone seem to be the identical, at the least in contemporary re-creations............. ~Jay

reply: even though it is tempting to peer similarities between Stonehenge and different giant stone constructions, the handiest ones which have a true link are the amazing alignments and different megalithic buildings in Brittany. The idea of the structure of Stonehenge coming from the Mediterranean area (or even from extra afield) effortlessly died when radiocarbon dates became obtainable and confirmed that Stonehenge was older than all the civilisations that had been supposed to have influenced its design and building.

query: You outlined that Stonehenge become erected 4500 years ago. how many hundreds of years in the past did human first habitate in this enviornment (U.k.)? I at all times notion the Mediterannean (Egyptian) enviornment became some of the first places for human inhabitants. Am I suitable once I say that become about 2000 BC? ~Scott

answer: there has been human (or originally hominid) occupation of what become to develop into the British Isles when you consider that about 500,000 BP. After this quite a few ice ages supposed that there have been no people round for long durations. extra south in Europe and past they failed to need to take care of ice so there has been habitation for even longer. There is never the time to go into this in detail but, suffice it to claim that individuals had been round within the areas that I actually have mentioned for a extremely long time by way of 2000BC.

query: I visited Stonehenge when i was eight. I don't be aware the dimensions. however, is it viable that every one three items of a trilithon could be raised together? possibly tied collectively and lashed to a wooden frame, then raised? I trust this would be labour intensive, however more simplistic in engineering it. Has any one tried? ~bill

reply: no one has tried to raise the three components of a trilithon collectively. The complete issue would weigh about 90 tons, no longer counting the timbers that you would deserve to hold it collectively for the raise. It certainly could not be accomplished for the brilliant Trilithon as they recognize that the two uprights are of unequal size which might make this components not possible.

question: I actually have heard a brief point out of a way that somebody could elevate a mega ton stone. by using discovering the Zero gravity spot on these stones single people may lift huge tones without difficulty. have you ever heard of such an explanation? Is there any proof that this may well be feasible? ~Jim

answer: i'm now not certain what the zero gravity spot is but it seems to be in opposition t all the laws of physics.

query: in the Stonehenge undertaking, what if the hole that was dug for the vertical stones became "c" fashioned in order that the stone would slide in, then use its own momentum to stand itself erect? is that this possible? Thanks in your enter. ~John

reply: I don't feel that the stone would stand itself erect in the base of a "c" shaped hole. you could possibly should balance it there before packing it firmly in vicinity and that i suppose that it would be doubtlessly an awful lot extra unstable than if it became in a gap with one vertical and one ramped facet.

question: The show turned into very pleasing. youngsters, the americans within the reveal forgot in regards to the one aid that the americans again then had. That become time and loads of it. The building of Stonehenge might also have taken many many years, now not the brief period of time that the exhibit gave the impression to be portraying. The stone age americans also undoubtably used many many more americans than the show did. They may also have additionally used captured enemies to do the work additionally. The cap piece might have been "walked" up the ramp by means of pulling on one set of ropes at a time, effectivly doubling the manpower. Did the stone age individuals understand in regards to the block and handle and even an early variety of it? overall, though, a really academic and fabulous exhibit. Please sustain the super work. ~Clifford

reply: they are somewhat conscious that individuals had loads of time and they did not intend to indicate that Stonehenge turned into in-built a short duration of time. What they confirmed was that it could have been built in a shorter time than many americans estimate. I disagree that they most likely used many extra individuals than they did. As numbers develop then the skill to co-ordinate effort lessens.. Prof Atkinson counseled that over 1000 individuals were essential for one of the crucial initiatives, however such an army of labourers would had been neatly nigh impossible to manage. I disagree about "captured enemies" - there is not any proof for slavery in the British Neolithic/Bronze Age. They haven't any facts for block and handle (the wheel become no longer used unless much later). Sorry to disagree with so a lot of your facets. Thanks for your comments concerning the exhibit.

question: wouldn't it not make feel to simplest roughly cut the stones at the place in a cylindrical kind and roll them to the closing meeting factor, the place the closing rectangular reducing could be carried out? Do the size of the uprights + the scale of the topping stones add to a cylindrical shape? The tracks appear to be means too plenty capital and human funding for the project at hand. Does the quarry have evidence to display the stones had been cut rectangular on the web page? an extra formulation would be to build wood craddles formed like wheels for either end (truly superior if positioned at 1/3 and 2/3's of the size) of the stone, using the stone because the connecting axle. evidently from the shape of the ultimate building and the burial mounds the theory of the circle, and therefore the wheel, become likely neatly understood. loved the program but agreed with the evaluation that the options have been over engineered. ~Jon

reply: The sarsen stones at the vicinity the place they originate are discovered generally as flat slabs (sarsen is a sedimentary rock). it's for this reason not going that any of cylindrical kind can be found which may be rolled as you indicate. involving the quarry - the stones are not reduce out of strong rock, they exist as detached slabs of rock embedded in redeposited chalk. Why do the tracks seem to be too a great deal capital and labour funding for the project? you could possibly simplest should make a short length of song which could be taken up and relaid in front of the sledge and stone. If it makes the assignment less demanding then it could be well worth it (there are past refined and well constructed Neolithic wooden trackways in peat bogs in neighborhood Somerset). despite the round henges and barrows there is no evidence of the wheel at this time. comfortable you enjoyed the show.

query: might you've got tipped the significant stone to vertical via guys pushing the appropriate with timbers and using wedges or filling with stones at the back of? additionally, have been the pits dug that deep? wouldn't a substantial volume of silt layers have accrued over the thousands of years? ~Bruce

reply: I suppose it would be tricky to generate adequate force to tip the stone with the aid of pushing with timbers as you suggest. Wedges would support but filling in with stones behind may cause complications if they trickle round the facets and front and preclude moving the stone to upright. The pits had been dug that deep, the stones put in and then the the rest of the gap packed tight with stones and chalk. No room for silt to build up.

query: right through the NOVA program, elevating Stonehenge, the query of the methods used to erect the stones was bandied about, in particular how the lintels were raised. quite simply put has any stratagraphic analysis of the soils round Stonehenge been accomplished with an eye fixed to spoils piles faraway from putative grime ramps? may these piles be detected to this present day by way of advantage of the disturbed strata and possibly undisturbed soils within the area of the monument? ~Don

reply: The soils over the chalk are very thin in the neighborhood of Stonehenge and there's no signal of the smash from an earthen ramp. there is additionally the query of the place the chalk and many others would have come from in the first location. You may gather that i'm not partial to the ramp concept and like the bushes crib formula.

question: I had concept that the stones in Stonehenge were of a sort that came from Wales? Sorry to make your Herculean effort sound trivial but perhaps boats were used to deliver to a spot even further than yours? additionally how does one use bronze equipment to reduce rock? thank you for you foray in heritage. ~JTB

answer: or not it's the smaller stones, the so referred to as "bluestones" that come from additional afield, from the Preseli mountains in Wales to be specific. it is advised that they came part of the way through water. This can not be the style that the bigger Sarsens were transported, as there aren't any effortless rivers that run from the area the place they're found to Stonehenge. You cannot use bronze tools to cut rock, apart from very delicate ones like chalk. You actually can not reduce sarsen with bronze—even iron makes little impression.

query: I suppose the concept of the A-body lever was very good. Why no longer use yet another mechanical competencies for transporting the stones, specifically a pulley? Rope is affixed to a put up in the floor, run round a publish connected to the stone, then pulled upon by the pullers. 2X competencies! ~Dave

reply: They did not use a pulley because there isn't any evidence for pulleys, or for some other type of wheel, from this length in prehistory.

question: What changed into the regular existence span of the stonehenge builders? ~Scott

reply: They don't have any enterprise proof concerning the common existence span of people at this time. Many people have the thought that lifestyles changed into "nasty, brutish and short" however human bone certified may additionally have been automatically underestimating the age of individuals at loss of life and there is no explanation why you could not live on as a minimum into your 50's if no longer past. It could appear less difficult however the forces required to lift this is able to be massive. They understand how lots the monoliths weigh as they are able to calculate their ordinary extent (including the pit it truly is underground) and they understand the density of sarsen (or bluestone). also, a few of them have in reality been lifted by using crane whereas being re-set which is additionally a good ebook.


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