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The Project Management Institute (PMI)® offers a professional credential for project risk managers, known as the PMI Risk Management Professional (PMI-RMP)®. PMIs professional credentialing examination development processes stand apart from other project management certification examination development practices. PMI aligns its process with certification industry best practices, such as those found in the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing.
A key component of this process is that organizations wishing to offer valid and reliable professional
credentialing examinations are directed to use a role delineation study (RDS) as the basis for the creation
of the examination. This process uses knowledge and task-driven guidelines to assess practitioner
competence, and determine the level of salience, criticality, and frequency of each of the knowledge,
tasks, and skills required to perform to the industry-wide standard in the role of a project risk manager.
The role delineation study ensures the validity of an examination. Validation assures the outcome of
the test is in fact measuring and evaluating appropriately the specific knowledge and skills required to
function as a project risk management professional. Thus, the role delineation study guarantees that each
examination validly measures all elements of the project risk management profession in terms of real

PMI-RMP® credential holders can be confident that their professional credential has been developed
according to best practices of test development and based upon input from the practitioners who
establish those standards. Please see Appendix A for a detailed description of the process.
The PMI-RMP examination is a vital part of the activities leading to earning a professional
credential; thus, it is imperative that the PMI-RMP examination reflect accurately the practices of the
project risk management professional. All the questions on the examination have been written and
extensively reviewed by qualified PMI-RMP credential holders and are supported by current project risk
management published references. These questions are mapped against the PMI-RMP Examination
Content Outline to ensure that an appropriate number of questions are in place for a valid examination.
PMI retained Professional Examination Service (PES) to develop the global PMI-RMP Examination
Content Outline. Since 1941, PES has provided a full range of assessment and advisory services to
organizations across a broad range of professions, in support of professional licensure and certification,
training, and continuing professional education. PES is dedicated to promoting the public welfare
through credentialing as a mission-driven, not-for-profit organization.
Finally, while the PMI-RMP Examination Content Outline, the Practice Standard for Project Risk
Management and PMBOK® Guide have commonalities, it is important to note that those involved in the
study described previously were not bound by the Practice Standard for Risk Management and/or
PMBOK® Guide. They were charged with defining the roles of individuals assessing and identifying
project risks, mitigating threats and capitalizing on opportunities, and using their experience and
pertinent resources to help in this task. Although many of the domains, tasks, knowledge, and skills outlined by the PMI-RMP Examination Content Outline are also covered by the Practice Standard for Project Risk Management and PMBOK®
Guide, there are some that are unique to the PMI-RMP Examination Content Outline. Candidates
studying for the examination will certainly want to include the current edition of the Practice Standard
for Project Risk Management and PMBOK® Guide as two of their references, and would be well advised
to read other current titles on project risk management.

Risk Strategy and Planning 19–20%

Stakeholder Engagement 19–20%

Risk Process Facilitation 25–28%

Risk Monitoring and Reporting 19–20%

Perform Specialized Risk Analyses 14–16%

Total 100%

Tasks Risk Strategy and Planning (19–20%)

Task 1 Develop risk assessment processes and tools that quantify stakeholder risk
tolerances in order to assess and determine risk thresholds for the project
and set criteria for risk levels.
Task 2 Update risk policies and procedures using information such as lessons
learned from projects and outputs of risk audits in order to Excellerate risk
management effectiveness.
Task 3 Develop and recommend project risk strategy based on project objectives in
order to establish the outline for the risk management plan.
Task 4 Produce risk management plan for the project on the basis of inputs such as
project information, external factors, stakeholder inputs, and industry policies
and procedures in order to define, fund, and staff effective risk management
processes for the project that align with other project plans.
Task 5 Establish evaluation criteria for risk management processes based on project
baselines and objectives in order to measure effectiveness of the project risk

Knowledge of:

 Continuous process improvement as applied to risk management

 Knowledge management techniques for organizing and providing access to project risk information

 Metrics for measuring effectiveness of project risk process

 Risk attitude concepts

 Risk Breakdown Structure (RBS)

 Risk tolerance concepts

 Barriers to effective risk management

 Project risk management inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs

 Project risk contingency and management reserve

 Research and analysis techniques

 Basic strategy development methodologies

Tasks Stakeholder Engagement (19–20%)

Task 1 Promote a common understanding of the value of risk management by using
interpersonal skills in order to foster an appropriate level of shared
accountability, responsibility, and risk ownership.

Task 2 Train, coach, and educate stakeholders in risk principles and processes in
order to create shared understanding of principles and processes, and foster
engagement in risk management.

Task 3 Coach project team members in implementing risk processes in order to
ensure the consistent application of risk processes.

Task 4 Assess stakeholder risk tolerance using processes and tools such as
interviewing stakeholders and reviewing historical stakeholder behaviors in
order to identify project risk thresholds.

Task 5 Identify stakeholder risk attitudes and cognitive biases using stakeholder
analysis techniques in order to manage stakeholder expectations and
responses throughout the life of the project.

Task 6 Engage stakeholders on risk prioritization process based on stakeholder risk
tolerance and other relevant criteria, in order to optimize consensus
regarding priorities.

Task 7 Provide risk-related recommendations to stakeholders regarding risk strategy
and planning, risk process facilitation, risk reporting, and specialized risk
tasks by using effective communication techniques in order to support
effective risk-based decision making.

Task 8 Promote risk ownership by proactively communicating roles and
responsibilities and engaging project team members in the development of
risk responses in order to Excellerate risk response execution.

Task 9 Liaise with stakeholders of other projects by using effective communication
techniques and sharing information on project risk performance in order to
inform them of implications for their projects.

Knowledge of:

 Information resources, both internal (for example, OPA) and external (for example, EEF)

 Project performance information

 Stakeholder sensitivity analysis models

 Training and coaching techniques

 Types of stakeholder risk attitudes (including but not limited risk seeking, risk tolerant, and risk averse)

 Group decision making

 Group creativity (including but not limited to brainstorming, nominal group technique, Delphi technique, idea/mind mapping, and affinity diagram)

Skills in:

 Assessing stakeholder risk tolerance (appetite and attitude)

 Collaborating with stakeholders

 Managing teams in multicultural environments

 Influencing change

Tasks Risk Process Facilitation (25–28%)

Task 1 Apply risk assessment processes and tools in order to quantify stakeholder
risk tolerances and determine risk levels.

Task 2 Facilitate risk identification using a variety of techniques in order to enable
the project team and stakeholders to understand and determine the risk
exposure of the project.

Task 3 Facilitate the project teams evaluation of the identified risks attributes using
qualitative and quantitative tools and techniques in order to prioritize the
risks for response planning.

Task 4 Facilitate the development of an aligned risk response strategy and related
risk actions by risk owners from the information gathered during risk analysis
in order to ensure timely and defined action when required.

Task 5 Facilitate the formulation of project contingency reserve based on the risk
exposure of the project in order to have the capability and resources to
respond to realized risks.

Task 6 Provide risk data to cost and schedule analysts/estimators to ensure that
project risk is properly reflected in cost and schedule estimates for the

Task 7 Use scenarios to validate potential risk responses and evaluate key
dependencies and requirements in order to enhance the likelihood of project

Knowledge of:

 Basic risk identification tools and techniques for both threats and
opportunities (including but not limited to brainstorming, checklists,
prompt lists, assumptions and constraints analysis, interviews,
questionnaires, cause and effect analysis, SWOT analysis, document
review, affinity diagrams, and lessons-learned review from similar

 Basic qualitative risk analysis tools and techniques (including but not
limited to probability-impact matrices, risk scoring, Risk Breakdown
Structure analysis, root cause analysis, Pareto prioritization analysis, and
risk metric trend analysis)

 Basic quantitative risk analysis tools and techniques (including but not limited to Monte Carlo analysis, decision trees, FMEA/FMECA/Fault Tree
analysis, and sensitivity analysis)

 Heuristics and other dynamic sources of cognitive biases and their associated effects on risk perception and behavior

 Risk response strategy types

 Contingency management tools and techniques

 Risk monitoring and control techniques

 Group decision making

 Group creativity (including but not limited to brainstorming, nominal group technique, Delphi technique, idea/mind mapping, and affinity diagram)

Skills in:

 Using analytical software tools for project risk management

 Managing teams in multicultural environments

 Estimating probability and impact of identified risks

Task 1 Document and periodically update project risk information using standard
tools (including but not limited to risk register, risk database) and techniques
in order to maintain a single, current repository of all project risk information.

Task 2 Coordinate with project manager using communication techniques in order to
integrate risk management throughout the project.

Task 3 Create periodic standard and custom reports using risk-related metrics as
specified in the risk management plan in order to communicate risk
management activities and status.

Task 4 Monitor risk response metrics by analyzing risk response performance
information, and present to key stakeholders in order to ensure resolution of
risk and develop additional risk response strategies to address residual and
secondary risks.

Task 5 Analyze risk process performance against established metrics in order to
drive risk process improvements.

Task 6 Update the project risk management plan using relevant internal and external
inputs in order to keep the plan current.

Task 7 Capture risk lessons learned through comprehensive review of the project
risk management plan, risk register, risk audits, risk process performance
reports, and other associated reports in order to incorporate into future risk

Knowledge of:

 Continuous process improvement and quality management as applied to risk management

 Knowledge management techniques for organizing and providing access to project risk information

 Alternative formats for project risk reports (for example, Top Risk List, Risks Transitioned to Issues, Response Plans Behind Schedule, Risk Triggers, and Risk Outcomes)

 Requirements for risk register data fields

 Risk statement construction

 Risk response activity construction

 Risk response metrics

 Risk process performance metrics

 Risk assessment analysis metrics

 Risk management reserves

Tasks Perform Specialized Risk Analyses (14–16%)

Task 1 Evaluate the attributes of identified risks using advanced quantitative tools
and specialized qualitative techniques in order to estimate overall risk
exposure of the project.

Task 2 Analyze risk data produced during the project using statistical analyses and
expert judgment in order to determine strengths and weaknesses of risk
strategy and processes and recommend process improvements when

Task 3 Perform specialized risk analysis using advanced tools and techniques in
order to support stakeholder decision making for the project.

Knowledge of:

 Advanced risk identification tools and techniques for both threats and
opportunities (including but not limited to force field analysis, scenario
planning, futures thinking, visualization, Delphi groups, and nominal
group technique)

 Advanced quantitative risk analysis tools and techniques (including but
not limited to, integrated cost/schedule analysis, advanced Monte Carlo
analysis, system dynamics, bowtie analysis, analytical hierarchy process,
risk-based earned value analysis, risk-based critical chain analysis, and
multi-factor regression analysis, modeling techniques, advanced risk
metric analysis [including statistical process control])

 Tools and techniques for identifying and analyzing overall project risk
(including but not limited to risk efficiency index, risk tolerance analysis,
risk reserve analysis, risk metric trend analysis, risk taxonomy, risk
connectivity analysis, Monte Carlo analysis against overall project
objectives, project risk surveys, and correlation analysis)

 Basic and advanced statistics

 Estimation tools and techniques to support risk decision making
(including but not limited to prioritization, cost-benefit analysis,
analogous, parametric, and bottom-up)

 Advanced theory of heuristics and other sources of cognitive bias

 Variance/Earned Value Analysis

Knowledge of:

 Project risk management processes, frameworks, and theory (in line with
the PMI Practice Standard for Project Risk Management)

 Basic project management theory, methodologies, and practice (as
described in the PMBOK® Guide)

 Risk principles and guidelines as described in ISO31000

 Communication tools, techniques, models, and channels

 Facilitation tools and techniques

 Negotiation tools and techniques

 Leadership theory as it relates to risk management

 Organizational theory as it relates to risk management

 Risk taxonomy

 PMI Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Skills in:

 Effective oral, graphical, and written presentation

 Tailoring information to all levels of stakeholders

 Conducting effective interviews

 Gathering, managing, analyzing, and validating data

 Problem solving

 Active listening

 Conflict resolution

 Expressing complex and abstract information

 Influencing without authority

 Coaching and mentoring

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PMI Risk Management Professional
Question #428
In what way can the risk manager determine when poor risk planning techniques are influencing the scope, schedule, quality, and/or
budget of the project?
A. Evaluate the results of the Monte Carlo analysis.
B. Document and periodically update project risk information
C. Monitor project metrics and performance information.
D. Update the risk management plan.
Answer: C
Question #429
How can the project manager rank competing stakeholder priorities for all the identified risks?
A. Perform qualitative and quantitative risk analysis.
B. Engage the project sponsor to decide.
C. Refer to stakeholder analysis prioritization tree.
D. Perform a review of organizational process assets.
Answer: A
Question #430
A project team is conducting initial risk planning. What other risk-related task should the project manager perform?
A. Identifying the risk threshold
B. Determining the risk register headings
C. Scoring the risks utilizing the risk matrix
D. Prioritizing the risks in the risk register
Answer: A
Question #431
What are the critical success factors for the Plan Risk Management process?
A. Mitigate all risks, engage stakeholders, and follow organizational policies.
B. Identify and address barriers, engage stakeholders, and follow organizational policies.
C. Contingency reserves engage stakeholders and follow organizational policies.
D. Identify and address barriers, engage stakeholders, and follow government regulations.
Answer: B
Question #432
A project team's risk facilitator identifies a number of risks and must prioritize them based on the organization's risk appetite levels.
Which technique should be used?
B. Stakeholder risk profile analysis
C. Project scope statement analysis
D. Monte Carlo technique
Answer: B
Question #433
A risk manager wants to determine which risks are going to have the highest impact on a project. Which of the following
techniques should the risk manager use?
A. Assumptions analysis
B. Sensitivity analysis
C. Root cause analysis
D. Prioritization matrices
Answer: D
Question #434
The project manager wants risk metrics established for the new project. Which of the following metrics listed is best suited for this
A. Effectiveness of the work breakdown structure
B. Number of approved project change requests
C. Number of detects identified
D. Effectiveness of response plans
Answer: D
Question #435
Which of the following would a proactive risk manager do during the Monitoring and Controlling Process?
A. Develop risk responses, create risk management plan, and stay alert for risk events.
B. Update the lessons learned documents, develop risk responses, and create the risk management plan.
C. Review identified risks, stay alert for risk events, and remind team members to keep the risk manager informed about risk
D. Review lessons learned document to identify risks, quantity risks, and lower impact ratings.
Answer: C
Question #436
A cost analyst team member asks the project manager for the latest risk data for inclusion with the cost estimates for the project.
Which tool should the cost analyst team member use to identify the probability of achieving specific cost targets?
A. Monte Carlo analysis
B. Decision tree analysis
C. Analogous estimating
D. Brainstorming
Answer: A
Question #437
Most risks are assessed for probability and impact. Which of the following are other factors that should be considered?
A. Urgency and complexity
B. Manageability and cost
C. Urgency and manageability
D. Manageability and complexity
Answer: C
Question #438
A pharmaceutical company undertakes a new, year-long research and development (R&D) project. The company pursues high
margins on investments and an aggressive growth strategy. They maintain a central program management office (PMO) to assist
with new projects and record data on past project performance.
The company leadership regularly makes decisions regarding the full suite of company projects and requires comparative data and
reports. Project leadership is well-versed in risk management and the PMO requires full documentation of project management
Based on the characteristics of this new project, which of the following best describes the risk strategy for the project?
A. Low stakeholder risk appetite, leverage historical project planning data, develop standard metrics and reports, and develop
a formal risk management plan.
B. High stakeholder risk appetite; leverage historical project planning data, develop standard metrics and reports, develop a
formal risk management plan.
C. High stakeholder risk appetite; leverage historical project planning data, utilize informal metrics and reports, develop risk
management training.
D. Low stakeholder risk appetite; collect new project data, create custom metrics and reports, and develop a formal risk
management plan.
Answer: B
Question #439
Which of the following should the risk manager consider as external environmental factors when creating the risk management
A. Government regulations, industry best practice templates, organizational standard processes, and competitor landscape
B. Government regulations, industry standards, conditions of the marketplace, and competitor landscape
C. Government regulations, risk categories, organizational standard processes, and competitor landscape
D. Government regulations, human resource policies and procedures, organizational standard processes, and competitor
Answer: B
Question #440
A project manager is leading a project review meeting with the risk manager and the other project stakeholders. Which of the
following are typical risk-related agenda items for a project review meeting?
A. Enterprise environmental factors and the risk register
B. Risks closed in the last period and the risk appetite of the organization
C. Organizational process assets and the risk register
D. Risks closed in the last period and the trigger conditions that have occurred
Answer: D
Question #441
As part of identifying the risk appetite of project stakeholders, the project manager must first identify the stakeholders. Which of the
following inputs are used to identify project stakeholders?
A. Project charter, management reserve, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
B. Project management plan, human resource plan, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
C. Project charter, bid documents, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
D. Project charter, communications management plan, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets
Answer: C
Question #442
The project manager receives an updated project schedule from a sub team detailing the deliverables, dates, and durations for a
critical milestone on the development and testing for offshore activities. This report is received one hour before a meeting with the
chief executive officer (CEO) to present an updated master schedule of the critical path. The CEO has been promised a discussion
on the project schedule several times. However, based on the recent update from the off-shore team, the project manager realizes
this new schedule is not realistic. There are new risks associated with it and it is not well thought out. Some key stakeholders want
to present this revised plan to the CEO. This meeting has been postponed twice already.
Which action should the project manager take before meeting with the CEO?
A. Talk to the stakeholders before the meeting to discuss the options and ask their opinion.
B. Present the revised master schedule to the CEO with the caveat that its being updated as new information is received, and
these are the current dates at this point.
C. Request the meeting be re-scheduled before presenting the master schedule to the CEO, stating that new major risks were
identified and need to be assessed thoroughly.
D. Present the revised schedule to the CEO and only answer questions about validity, if asked.
Answer: A
Question #443
Which of the following are examples of relevant data gathering tools?
A. Risk response plan and interviews
B. Questionnaires and historical data
C. Work breakdown structure an historical data
D. Work breakdown structure and interviews
Answer: B
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    PMP certification is additionally suggested for any person who aspires to become an business IT architect.

    certified affiliate in challenge management (CAPM)

    PMI also backs the certified associate in mission management (CAPM) credential. really, the CAPM is regarded a stepping stone for people that need to gain PMP reputation. PMI describes the CAPM as an “primary first step in constructing a profession as a mission manager” but also a step that “opens the door to alternatives at each stage of your profession.”

    The CAPM requires the following:

  • A high school diploma (or GED or world equal)
  • 23 hours of undertaking management classroom working towards 
  • The CAPM examination 
  • No outdated journey is required. The schooling prerequisite can be met by finishing PMI’s task administration fundamentals online route, which fees $350 for PMI individuals and $400 for nonmembers.

    The CAPM is one in every of a small set of entry-degree certifications for IT professionals who are interested in mission management. although, it’s just a stepping stone to the PMP credential. unless you work in a huge organization with a project administration crew comprising junior and senior positions, the CAPM on my own is not going to deliver a ticket to a challenge management job. although, it’s gold standard for IT professionals for whom undertaking administration is a part-time role or for those that want to develop into full-time assignment administration.

    PMI issued its most up-to-date CAPM examination in July 2023, so some older look at materials might no longer be comprehensive. For additional info concerning the latest examination structure, discuss with PMI’s CAPM test update web page.

    CAPM facts and figures:

    if you wish to start building assignment management knowledge however aren’t able to put money into an entry-degree certification path, consider exploring free challenge administration working towards materials.

    licensed ScrumMaster (CSM)

    youngsters diverse Scrum grasp certifications are available, their pick is the certified ScrumMaster (CSM) from Scrum Alliance. This nonprofit encourages the adoption of Scrum and Agile practices, promotes consumer businesses and researching events, and offers materials for skilled building. The company boasts more than 1.4 million licensed practitioners international.

    The Scrum Alliance gives a guide device for Scrum practitioners, together with Scrum gatherings, skilled development and retreats, consumer businesses, digital communications, coaching, online working towards and a great deal more. 

    moreover group and advocacy activities, the Scrum Alliance offers numerous Scrum-linked certifications. The certifications are designed for team contributors on the Scrum master, product owner and developer tracks. each song offers credentials on the foundational, advanced and expert degrees. Certification is additionally available for Agile management and e-book degrees.

  • Scrum master song: certified ScrumMaster (CSM), advanced certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) and licensed Scrum expert-Scrum grasp (CSP-SM)
  • Product owner tune: licensed Scrum Product proprietor (CSPO), advanced certified Scrum Product owner (A-CSPO) and certified Scrum professional-Product proprietor (CSP-PO)
  • Developer music: certified Scrum Developer (CSD), superior certified Scrum Developer (A-CSD) and licensed Scrum expert for builders (CSP-D)
  • e book-degree certifications: licensed Scrum coach (CST), licensed group instruct (CTC) and licensed enterprise instruct (CEC)
  • Agile leadership: licensed Agile leadership (CAL), a credential in keeping with a mixture of training and validated follow 
  • Agile coaching: Agile teaching expertise-certified Facilitator (ACS-CF), which helps groups as they collaborate, create and make decisions.
  • The CSM is a brilliant entry-level credential for project managers who are getting all started as Scrum practitioners. Candidates ought to demonstrate an understanding of Scrum principles and values and will find out how to implement and apply Scrum in follow. The Scrum Alliance gives CSMs with supplies, checklists and assistance about the Scrum master’s servant-leader role.

    licensed ScrumMaster information and figures:

    Certification identify

    licensed ScrumMaster

    must haves and required lessons

  • commonplace familiarity with Scrum
  • Completion of a 14-hour (constantly over two days) CSM practising direction (expense varies with the aid of practising company; candidates can are expecting to pay around $920 to $1,500)
  • observe: Certification have to be renewed every two years by incomes 20 Scrum training units (and paying $a hundred for foundational-degree certifications).

    number of checks

    One (37 relevant solutions out of 50 questions required to flow; 60-minute cut-off date)

    charge per examination

    prices for online checks paid with the aid of the practising company


    Self-study materials

    Scrum Alliance presents blogs, articles, stories, online researching, cautioned memorizing and presentations on-line, including these: 

    word: Udemy presents practice checks designed to assist examine takers pass the CSM certification examination on their first effort.

    certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)

    The American Society for excellent (ASQ) considerations globally identified certifications that attest to a candidate’s knowledge, mastery of trade and regulation standards, and mastery of the ASQ physique of skills. ASQ presents 18 credentials, three of which specifically goal assignment management: 

  • certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) (skilled level)
  • licensed Six Sigma eco-friendly Belt (CSSGB) (professional level) 
  • licensed Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CSSYB) (entry-degree)
  • The licensed Six Sigma Black Belt is ASQ’s highest Six Sigma credential. The CSSBB is for experienced practitioners who bear in mind Six Sigma methodologies (including the DMAIC model), tools, techniques and philosophies. CSSBBs can lead teams or manage team dynamics, roles and tasks.

    The course to CSSBB certification is rigorous. Candidates ought to do here: 

  • flow a finished examination
  • finished two projects employing Six Sigma equipment and methods, resulting in venture growth and a good monetary have an effect on
  • post an affidavit to attest to the mission’s veracity 
  • however, candidates with at least three years of journey in one or greater of the Six Sigma body of potential areas deserve to complete only one Black Belt venture.

    CSSBB candidates are anticipated to show mastery of these ASQ Black Belt physique of abilities, known as standards:

  • firm-vast Planning and Deployment (corporation-vast issues, leadership)
  • company system management and Measures (have an impact on on stakeholders, benchmarking, business measures)
  • team administration (crew formation, facilitation, dynamics, working towards)
  • outline (voice of the client, company case and task charter, mission management tools, analytical tools)
  • Measure (technique characteristics, data assortment, dimension methods, primary records, chance, system capability)
  • Analyze (measuring and modeling relationships between variables, hypothesis testing, risk analysis and management, different analysis strategies)
  • enrich (design of experiments, Lean methods, implementation)
  • handle (statistical process control and different controls, preserve controls, preserve advancements)
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Framework and Methodologies (common DFSS methodologies, design for DFX)
  • The CSSBB credential is valid for 3 years. To recertify, candidates ought to earn 18 recertification devices (RUs) or retake the exam. Recertification via RUs prices $90 for ASQ participants and $a hundred thirty for nonmembers.

    CSSBB records and figures:

    Certification identify

    licensed Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)

    necessities and required classes

  • Two achieved tasks with signed mission affidavits or one achieved venture with a signed affidavit (depending on experience degree)
  • Three years of journey in a single or greater areas of the Six Sigma physique of knowledge
  • variety of tests

    One laptop-primarily based or paper-based mostly examination: 

  • computer-primarily based (165 questions, 15 unscored; 4.5 hours) 
  • Paper-based (150 questions, four hours)
  • cost per exam

  • contributors: $468 
  • Nonmembers: $568 
  • Retakes: $368
  • (assessments administered through Prometric)


    Self-analyze substances

    ASQ maintains a comprehensive record of examination prep materials, together with the following:

  • practicing opportunities
  • query banks
  • Interactive sample tests
  • Books 
  • suggested references
  • note: Udemy offers a direction referred to as Six Sigma: licensed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt approved.

    licensed Six Sigma green Belt (CSSGB)

    certified Six Sigma green Belt (CSSGB) is ASQ’s knowledgeable-degree credential targeting experienced Six Sigma practitioners. regularly, a CSSGB works beneath the direction of the more senior CSSBB or as an assistant. CSSGBs determine concerns and force high-quality and manner improvements in tasks.

    To earn the credential, candidates ought to meet here requirements: 

  • They should have as a minimum three years of journey working with Six Sigma tactics, programs and equipment.
  • The work journey need to have been full-time and compensated. (An unpaid internship, as an instance, doesn’t count number.)
  • The work performed need to were in at the least one of the vital Six Sigma green Belt body of potential competency areas.
  • Candidates ought to circulate an examination that checks their potential of the Six Sigma green Belt body of potential. 
  • presently, the eco-friendly Belt physique of talents contains six competency areas:

  • Overview: Six Sigma and the company (organizational desires, Lean concepts, design for six sigma methodologies)
  • outline part (mission identification, voice of the client, mission administration basics, administration and planning tools, enterprise consequences for initiatives, team dynamics and efficiency)
  • Measure part (process analysis and documentation, chance and information, statistical distributions, accumulating and summarizing facts, size equipment analysis, process and efficiency capability)
  • Analyze phase (exploratory records evaluation, speculation trying out, additional evaluation methods)
  • improve section (design of experiments, implementation planning, Lean tools)
  • manage section (statistical technique manage, maintain improvements, Lean equipment for system control)
  • typical, this is an excellent credential for people that have some experience but who don't seem to be somewhat able to take on the roles and tasks of a Black Belt.

    CSSGB facts and figures:

    Certification name

    certified Six Sigma green Belt (CSSGB)

    necessities and required courses

  • Three years of journey in a single or extra of the Six Sigma green Belt physique of advantage areas; should be a full-time paid position (no longer internships)
  • variety of tests

    One computer-based or paper-based exam: 

  • laptop-primarily based (one hundred ten questions, 10 unscored; four.5 hours)
  • Paper-based (a hundred questions, four hours)
  • charge per examination

  • participants: $369 
  • Nonmembers $469
  • Retakes: $269
  • (exams administered by using Prometric)


    Self-analyze substances

    ASQ keeps a comprehensive list of examination prep substances, together with the following:

  • practicing opportunities
  • query banks
  • Interactive sample assessments
  • Books 
  • advised references
  • notice: Udemy presents a path referred to as Six Sigma: certified Lean Six Sigma eco-friendly Belt accredited.

    challenge aid administration is an element of general task administration. It aims to maximise materials to avoid aid shortages and excess elements.


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