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EXAM NAME: Platform Developer I

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
Time allotted to complete the exam: 110 minutes
Passing Score: 65%
Registration fee: USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
Retake fee: USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law

 Describe the considerations when developing in a multi-tenant environment.
 Describe how the Salesforce platform features map to the MVC pattern.
 Describe the capabilities of the core CRM objects in the Salesforce schema.
 Identify the common scenarios for extending an application's capabilities using the AppExchange.
 Identify common use cases for declarative customization of the Lightning
Platform, and customization and features of the Heroku platform.
 Given a set of requirements, determine the appropriate data model.
 Describe the capabilities of the various relationship types and the implications
of each on record access, user interface (UI), and object-oriented
 Describe the impact of schema design and modifications on Apex
 Describe how to visualize and create entity relationships.
 Describe the options for and considerations when importing and exporting
data into development environments.
 Describe how to programmatically access and utilize the object schema.
 Describe the capabilities and use cases for formula fields.
 Describe the capabilities and use cases for roll-up summary fields.
 Describe the capabilities of the declarative process automation features.
 Describe when to use declarative automation features vs. Apex classes and
 Describe how to declare variables and constants in Apex and how to assign
values using expressions.
 Describe the primitive and complex Apex data types and when to use them.
 Describe how to use and apply Apex control flow statements.
©Copyright 2018, inc. All rights reserved. 7
 Describe how to write and when to use Apex classes and interfaces.
 Describe how to use basic SOSL, SOQL, and DML statements when working
with objects in Apex.
 Describe the basic patterns used in triggers and classes to process data
 Describe when to use and how to write triggers.
 Describe the implications of governor limits on Apex transactions.
 Describe the relationship between Apex transactions, the save order of
execution, and the potential for recursion and/or cascading.
 Describe how to implement exception handling in Apex.
 Describe how to write Visualforce controllers.
 Describe when and how to use standard Visualforce controllers vs. Apex
custom controllers and controller extensions.
 Describe the programmatic techniques to prevent security vulnerabilities in
Apex and Visualforce.
 Describe how Apex impacts the ability to make declarative changes.
 Describe how to display Salesforce data using a Visualforce page.
 Describe the types of web content that can be incorporated into Visualforce
 Describe how to incorporate Visualforce pages into Lightning Platform
 Describe the benefits of the Lightning Component framework.
 Describe the resources that can be contained in a Lightning Component.
 Describe the testing framework and requirements for deployment.
 Describe how to write unit tests for triggers, controllers, and classes.
 Describe when and how to use various sources of test data.
 Describe how to execute one or multiple test classes.
 Describe the differences between invoking Apex in execute anonymous vs. unit

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Platform Developer I (WI21)
Question: 72
A developer considers the following snippet of code:
Based on this code, what is the value of x?
A. 2
B. 1
C. 3
D. 4
Answer: D
Question: 73
Since Aura application events follow the traditional publish-subscribe model, which method is used to fire an event?
A. ernit()
B. fireEvent()
C. fire()
D. registerEvent()
Answer: C
Question: 74
Universal Containers has created a unique process for tracking container repairs. A custom field, status__c, has been
created within the container__c custom object. A developer is tasked with sending notifications to multiple external
systems every time the value of the status__picklist changes.
Which two tools should the developer use to meet the business requirement and ensure low maintenance of the
solution? Choose 2 answers
A. Record-Triggered flow
B. Apex trigger
C. Apex callouts
D. Platform event
Answer: C, D
Question: 75
An org tracks customer orders on an Order object and the items of an Order on the Line Item object. The Line Item
object has a MasterDetail relationship to the order object. A developer has a requirement to calculate the order amount
on an Order and the line amount on each Line item based on quantity and price.
What is the correct implementation?
A. Implement the line amount as a numeric formula field and the order amount as a roll-up summary field.
B. Write a single before trigger on the Line Item that calculates the item amount and updates the order amount on the
C. Implement the Line amount as a currency field and the order amount as a SUM formula field.
D. Write a process on the Line item that calculates the item amount and order amount and updates the filed on the Line
Item and the order.
Answer: C
Question: 76
A developer must create an Apex class, contactcontroller, that a Lightning component can use to search for Contact
records. User of the Lightning component should only be able to search Contact records to which they have access.
Which two will restrict the records correctly?
A. public class ContactController
B. public with sharing class ContactController
C. public without sharing class ContactController
D. public inherited sharing class ContactController
Answer: B, D
Question: 77
A Licensed_Professional__c custom object exist in the system with two Master-Detail fields for the following objects:
Certification__c and Contact. Users with the "Certification Representative" role can access the Certification records
they own and view the related Licensed Professionals records, however users with the "Salesforce representative" role
report they cannot view any Licensed professional records even though they own the associated Contact record.
What are two likely causes of users in the "Sales Representative" role not being able to access the Licensed
Professional records? Choose 2 answers
A. The organizations sharing rules for Licensed_Professional__c have not finished their recalculation process.
B. The organization recently modified the Sales representative role to restrict Read/Write access to
C. The organization has a private sharing model for Certification__c, and Contact is the primary relationship in the
Licensed_Professional__c object
D. The organization has a private sharing model for Certification__c, and Certification__c is the primary relationship
in the Licensed_Professional__c object.
Answer: A,D
Question: 78
Universal Containers wants Opportunities to no longer be editable when reaching the Closed/Won stage.
How should a developer accomplish this?
A. Use a validation rule.
B. Use the Process Automation settings.
C. Use Flow Builder.
D. Mark fields as read-only on the page layout.
Answer: A
Question: 79
A third-party vendor created an unmanaged Lightning web component. The Salesforce Administrator wishes to expose
the component only on Record Page Layouts.
Which two actions should the developer take to accomplish this business objective? Choose 2 answers
A. Specify lightningCommunity_Page as a target in the XML file.
B. Ensure isExposed is set to true on the XML file.
C. Specify lightningCommunity_Page_Layout as a target in the XML file.
D. Specify lightning_RecordPage as a target in the XML file.
Answer: B,D
Question: 80
A developer is debugging the following code to determinate why Accounts are not being created Account a = new
Account(Name = A); Database.insert(a, false);
How should the code be altered to help debug the issue?
A. Add a System.debug() statement before the insert method
B. Add a try/catch around the insert method
C. Set the second insert method parameter to TRUE
D. Collect the insert method return value a Saveresult variable
Answer: B
Question: 81
Which three statements are accurate about debug logs? Choose 3 answers
A. Amount of information logged in the debug log can be controlled programmatically.
B. Debug Log levels are cumulative, where FINE lop level includes all events logged at the DEBUG, INFO, WARN,
and ERROR levels.
C. Amount of information logged in the debug log can be controlled by the log levels.
D. To View Debug Logs, "Manager Users" or "View All Data" permission is needed.
E. To View Debug Logs, "Manager Users" or "Modify All Data" permission is needed.
Answer: A, C
Question: 82
A developer receives an error when trying to call a global server-side method using the remoteAction decorator.
How can the developer resolve the error?
A. Change the function signature to be private static.
B. Add static to the server-side method signature.
C. A Decorate the server-side method with (static=true).
D. Decorate the server-side method with (static=false).
Answer: B
Question: 83
A developer creates a Lightning web component that imports a method within an Apex class. When a Validate button
is pressed, the method runs to execute complex validations.
In this implementation scenario, which artifact is part of the Controller according to the MVC architecture?
A. HTML file
B. JavaScript file
C. XML file
D. Apex class
Answer: D
Question: 84
A developer must build application that tracks which Accounts have purchase specific pieces of equal products. Each
Account could purchase many pieces of equipment.
How should the developer track that an Account has purchased a piece of equipment.
A. Use the Asset object.
B. Use a Custom object.
C. Use a Master-Detail on Product to Account
D. Use a Lookup on Account to product.
Answer: C
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