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Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-I) test Dumps

PAL-I test Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | test Syllabus | test Objectives

Test Details:
- test Name: Scrum PAL-I (Professional Agile Leadership - I)
- test Format: Multiple-choice questions
- test Duration: 60 minutes
- Passing Score: 85%
- Prerequisites: None
- Certification Validity: Lifetime

Course Outline: Scrum PAL-I Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-I)

I. Introduction to Agile Leadership
A. Understanding Agile leadership principles and values
B. Differentiating between traditional and Agile leadership styles
C. Role of Agile leaders in driving organizational agility

II. Agile Organization and Culture
A. Creating an Agile organization and culture
B. Promoting transparency and collaboration
C. Nurturing a learning mindset and embracing change

III. Servant Leadership
A. Characteristics of a servant leader
B. Empowering teams and facilitating their success
C. Removing impediments and enabling continuous improvement

IV. Agile Coaching and Mentoring
A. Role of Agile coaches and mentors
B. Coaching techniques and skills
C. Mentoring Agile teams and individuals

V. Agile Leadership in Practice
A. Leading Agile teams and managing self-organizing teams
B. Facilitating Agile ceremonies and events
C. Promoting Agile practices and frameworks

VI. Agile Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement
A. Engaging and aligning stakeholders in Agile initiatives
B. Communicating effectively with stakeholders
C. Managing expectations and building trust

Exam Objectives:
- Understand the principles and values of Agile leadership
- Apply Agile leadership practices to create an Agile organization and culture
- Embrace servant leadership and empower teams for success
- Coach and mentor Agile teams and individuals effectively
- Apply Agile leadership in practice, including leading Agile teams and facilitating Agile ceremonies
- Engage and align stakeholders in Agile initiatives and build effective relationships

The syllabus for the Scrum PAL-I Professional Agile Leadership course will cover the following topics:
- Introduction to Agile Leadership
- Agile Organization and Culture
- Servant Leadership
- Agile Coaching and Mentoring
- Agile Leadership in Practice
- Agile Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement

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PAL-I PDF sample Questions

PAL-I sample Questions

Professional Agile Leadership (PAL-I)
Question: 101
An Agile Leader must create an environment where experiments and tests that can fail are encouraged.
Answer: B
Scaling agile practices in a company requires a cultural shift that puts mistakes at the center of success. Making
mistakes should become the daily tool through which everyone in the company learns. In a complex system, ripe with
uncertainty, if youre not able to make mistakes, you wont be able to succeed either. They try, fail, learn, understand,
adjust, try again and find the right solution. Without mistakes, there are no inventions. Failure shouldnt be a right, it
should be compulsory, it should become the means to their ends! Do not be fooled, the myth of the inventor that builds
a revolutionary product on the first try (often pictured in their garage or other exotic locations) is flawed. Trial and
error has been the real driver of product innovation, and perhaps more importantly, most of humanitys inventions,
creations and progress. "I have not failed. Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work" Thomas Edison on researching
the lightbulb Enable your fellow colleagues to make as many mistakes as feasible, as fast as possible, and ask them to
share their learnings with the company (documentation is key). In such a context, learning will speed up and become
collaborative, engagement will rise, talent retention will Excellerate and performance-induced stress will diminish.
Making mistakes and sharing learnings also increases the diversity of knowledge in a company, and thus makes it more
resilient to changes. The real paradox is that the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, and the more you learn,
the more successful you become.
Text taken from: Also
Question: 102
A complex domain is where _________________
A. Almost everything is unknown.
B. More is unknown than known.
C. More is known than unknown
D. Very little is known.
Answer: B
The complex domain is where more is unknown than known.
Question: 103
You are an Agile Leader. A customer calls you to request a change in the product that your company is developing for
him. His ideas are clearly outside the scope of the original product plan.
What is your course of action?
A. Since they value Responding to Change more than following a plan, that they welcome changing requirements, and
our highest priority is to satisfy the customer, they recommend that the Developers complete the customers request for
the next Sprint.
B. Apply the Change Request Management Framework
C. Do nothing.
D. Facilitate a meeting between the Product Owner of the customers product and the customer.
E. Begin negotiations with the customer on adding this scope change to the project. You want to ensure that the value
you provide to the customer can be increased so you handle these negotiations yourself. When you are finished, you
have delighted the customer with your adaptability.
F. Ask the Developers for an estimate of the change and negotiate the new product price with the customer due to the
increased scope.
Answer: D
The Product Owner is one person, not a committee. The Product Owner may represent the needs of many stakeholders
in the Product Backlog. Those wanting to change the Product Backlog can do so by trying to convince the Product
Question: 104
Which of the following would you use to describe how the Product Owner stances? Select all the answers that apply.
A. Customer Representative.
B. Visionary.
C. Decision Maker.
D. None of the answers.
E. Collaborator.
Answer: A,B,C,E
The preferred Product Owner stances are:
Question: 105
You are a manager at an organization that develops software for customers. The head of product delivery has asked
you to provide a plan and schedule for what will be delivered for the upcoming 2
As a manager, what is the best way to proceed?
A. Provide a plan based on your current knowledge and ask the Scrum Teams to implement it.
B. Work with the Product Owners to analyze current goals and delivery capabilities of the teams and create a forecast
based on the data to illustrate what might be achievable.
C. Work with the technical architect and technical leads to estimate the plan using a Gantt chart.
D. Ask the Developers to estimate the work for that timeframe in Story Points.
Answer: B
Through empiricism, work with the POs to forecast what could be achievable in the future.
Question: 106
The longer you wait for customer feedback, the greater the risk of delivering the wrong product to your customer.
Answer: B
Agile product delivery aims to deliver a working product to the customer, early and in smaller increments, allowing
teams to correct course as needed.
Review the following principles of the Agile Manifesto:
Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.
Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customers
competitive advantage.
Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter
Working software is the primary measure of progress. They want short iterations to learn fast if they are building the
right thing. If they fail in a short iteration, the impact and deviation are low but the learning is high, they can take
corrective action and have opportunities to fix it. If they fail in a long iteration, the impact and cost of fixing it are much
Question: 107
Which of the following will help three Scrum Teams working on the same Product deliver an Increment at the end of
the Sprint? Select three answers.
A. Synchronizing release schedules across all the Teams.
B. Product Backlog Refinement.
C. Having one Product Backlog for each Scrum Team
D. Reducing dependencies between teams.
E. Automating the integration and delivery process.
F. Having a different Product Owner for each team.
Answer: B,D,E
Synchronizing release schedules does not ensure improved productivity, does not increase the frequency of
delivery, does not increase productivity, or reduces dependency, nor does it always help deliver the increment on time.
If Scrum Teams become too large, they should consider reorganizing into multiple cohesive Scrum Teams, each
focused on the same product. Therefore, they should share the same Product Goal, Product Backlog, and Product
Owner. Scrum Teams must be as independent as possible. Decreasing dependencies between teams will improve
autonomy and localized decision making. When multiple Scrum Teams are working on the same Product they are not
required to synchronize schedules, they must produce an integrated increment. To do this, Product Backlog items must
be refined to reduce dependencies between teams and the Scrum Team must integrate increments often.
Question: 108
An experienced CTO suggests that for the 3 products the company is building, they should have 3 Product Owners and
rotate them between Products every 4 months. The CTO says he has tried it before in his previous job and reduces the
dependency that teams have on a Product Owner. Product Owners can be exchanged between Scrum Teams, without
any impact on team or velocity, as the Product Owner does not do any development maximizing general domain
Do you agree with this approach?
Answer: A
Changing the members of the Scrum Team is allowed as needed but a short-term reduction in performance or velocity
might be considered. Adding or removing members will require coordination, onboarding and therefore, productivity
will temporarily drop. The importance of the Product Owner having subject matter expertise, or strong relationships
with the stakeholder community cannot be overlooked. In complex value chains it often takes a long time before the
Product Owner can become effective. For Product Owners to succeed, the entire organization must respect their
decisions. These decisions are visible in the content and ordering of the Product Backlog, and through the inspectable
Increment at the Sprint Review. The Product Owner is one person, not a committee. The Product Owner may represent
the needs of many stakeholders in the Product Backlog. Those wanting to change the Product Backlog can do so by
trying to convince the Product Owner. Changing the Product Owner will cause weak ownership, reduce velocity,
context switching, confusion for the Developers and Stakeholders of who to talk to and many other issues.
Question: 109
Your organization has 5 Scrum Teams with 10 members each. Three teams are doing very well developing an average
velocity of 45-50 user story points per Sprint. The other two teams are achieving just 15 and 25 points on average per
Sprint respectively.
Management is concerned and asks you to help them improve, what would be your response?
A. Assign Developers from high-performing teams to low-performing teams to compensate and stabilize the average
velocity of the company.
B. Story sizing can vary from one team to another. Velocity depends upon the way stories are sized. Velocity should
not be compared between teams.
C. If a Team is working on more complex tasks, they should expect a lower velocity.
D. They should look at the performance of individual Developers and work to Excellerate the skills of the ones that are
delaying the team.
E. Some of these teams may be new, after some Sprint they should also do 45-50 points per Sprint.
Answer: B
Velocity cannot and should be not be compared between two teams. The interpretation of the story points, size of
items belongs to one team. There is no such thing as a Good Velocity or a Bad Velocity. Remember, it is based on
relative estimations. Comparing velocities between teams is an anti-pattern and can affect the transparency of estimates
within the team. Velocity is the amount of work, measured in story points, completed by the team in a single sprint.
Velocity is frustrating because it is often used inappropriately. Teams that are new to Scrum will assume that velocity
represents the teams productivity, and this is not the case. If a team allows this misunderstanding to go uncorrected,
there is a danger that they will be asked for a report that compares velocities between teams". Different teams will
have different expertise, different experience and different team objectives. This is all reflected in the teams velocity
making it unique for each team. So attempting to compare velocities between different teams is to compare different
units of measure. The velocity is exclusively owned by the Developers. It merely provides the team itself and the
Product Owner with an indication of how much work can be done within one Sprint. Leave the velocity at the
Developers. You already know what the costs are; you know the composition of the team, you know how long the
Sprint takes, so you can calculate the costs per Sprint per team. If you wish to compare, compare based on value, on
the outcome, not on output. Standardizing the Story Points across teams is not a good idea either. When Teams know
their success or compensation depends on a metric or a report, they may feel tempted pushed to game the system to not
be seen as losers or just to get the prize. For instance, they can easily inflate the estimates to show a higher velocity. In
such a system, the team will focus more on producing good numbers for the ones that observe them rather than
focusing on generating value.
Question: 110
What should you avoid as an Agile Team leader?
A. Prioritizing team goals over individual goals.
B. Collaborate in setting the Product Goals.
C. Finding out what motivates the team members individually.
D. Rewarding individual goals at the expense of project goals.
Answer: D
As an Agile Team leader, it is helpful to focus on any of the activities listed here except for rewarding individual goals
over project goals. An effective team leader understands the team members individual goals and leverages them for
the good of the project, rather than the other way around.
Question: 111
As an Agile Leader, which of the following would be your top priority?
A. Keeping the team members healthy.
B. Resolve internal team conflicts and disagreements.
C. Make sure team members are aligned with what the project is trying to achieve.
D. Controlling the teams performance.
E. Comparing the performance of different teams based on their velocity.
Answer: C
By process of elimination, none of these are the responsibility of an Agile Leader, except making sure the team has a
purpose and Project Goal.
Question: 112
What are the main benefits of a self-managing Scrum Team? Select four answers.
A. Increase motivation
B. Increase creativity
C. Increase compliance.
D. Increase commitment.
E. Increase accuracy of estimates
F. Empowerment
Answer: A,B,D,F
A self-managing team decides internally who does what, when, and how. Self-managing teams choose how best to
accomplish their work, rather than being directed by others outside the team. Unlike traditional management principles,
the self-organizing empowered teams are not directed and controlled from the top; rather they evolve from team
members participating actively and collectively in all the Scrum practices and events.
Some of the benefits of Self-managing are:
Shared ownership and empowerment.
Motivation, that leads to an enhanced performance of the team Innovative and creative environment conducive to
growth Increased Self Accountability and commitment to achieve goals.
Question: 113
What are the different stances that are relevant for the Scrum Master? Select all the answers that apply.
A. A Coach.
B. A Mentor.
C. A Facilitator.
D. An Impediment Remover.
E. A Manager.
F. A Change Agent.
Answer: A,B,C,D,E,F
A Scrum Master is:
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