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Title: Okta Okta-Certified-Pro Okta Certified Professional

Test Detail:
The Okta-Certified-Pro exam is designed to assess the knowledge and skills required to design, implement, and manage Okta identity and access management solutions. This certification is intended for professionals who work with Okta and want to validate their expertise in deploying and administering Okta solutions.

Course Outline:
The Okta-Certified-Pro course provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of Okta identity and access management. The following is a general outline of the key areas covered in the certification program:

1. Introduction to Okta:
- Understanding the fundamentals of identity and access management (IAM)
- Overview of Okta's features and capabilities
- Exploring different Okta products and solutions

2. Okta Implementation and Configuration:
- Planning and deploying Okta in various organizational environments
- Configuring user provisioning, authentication, and authorization policies
- Integrating Okta with existing applications and systems

3. User Lifecycle Management:
- Managing user identities and access rights in Okta
- Configuring user onboarding, offboarding, and access requests
- Implementing user provisioning and deprovisioning processes

4. Single Sign-On (SSO):
- Configuring SSO with Okta for seamless authentication across applications
- Understanding SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect protocols
- Integrating Okta with different SSO providers and identity providers

5. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA):
- Implementing MFA policies and factors in Okta
- Configuring and managing MFA methods, such as SMS, email, and push notifications
- Enhancing security with adaptive MFA and risk-based authentication

6. Okta API and Customization:
- Leveraging Okta APIs for custom integrations and automation
- Customizing Okta user interface and branding
- Implementing custom workflows and access policies

Exam Objectives:
The Okta-Certified-Pro exam assesses candidates' knowledge and skills in deploying and managing Okta solutions. The exam objectives include, but are not limited to:

1. Understanding Okta's features, capabilities, and product offerings.
2. Demonstrating knowledge of Okta implementation and configuration.
3. Managing user lifecycles, including provisioning and deprovisioning processes.
4. Configuring and implementing single sign-on (SSO) with Okta.
5. Implementing multi-factor authentication (MFA) policies and methods.
6. Utilizing Okta APIs for custom integrations and workflow automation.

The Okta-Certified-Pro certification program typically includes comprehensive training provided by Okta or authorized training partners. The syllabus provides a breakdown of the Topics covered throughout the course, including specific learning objectives and milestones. The syllabus may include the following components:

- Introduction to the Okta-Certified-Pro exam overview and certification process
- Introduction to Okta and its IAM capabilities
- Okta Implementation and Configuration
- User Lifecycle Management in Okta
- Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta
- Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in Okta
- Okta API and Customization
- exam Preparation and Practice Tests
- Final Okta-Certified-Pro Certification Exam

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Okta Certified Professional
Question: 69
Is this a valid use of a group in Okta?
Solution: Create network zones
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: A
Question: 70
Is this a multifactor type that an Okta Administrator should configure for an end user who does NOT have access to a
mobile device?
Solution: Okta Verify
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 71
Is this the way to search for an application that supports a federated service in the Okta integration Network (OIN)?
Solution: Use the Supports Groups fitter.
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 72
An Okta Administrator is instructed to assign an application to 1,000 users in the Sales department Is this a
recommended method for the administrator to assign the application to the users?
Solution: Assign the application to an Active Directory organizational unit
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 73
Is this the authentication method or flow that is used when an end user launches a SAML application from the Okta
end user home dashboard?
Solution: Service Provider (SP) initiated
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: A
Question: 74
Is this a likely reason why the Okta Browser plugin is NOT working in Mozilla Firefox?
Solution: The option Automatic submission is selected In the Firefox browser
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 75
An employee who has left a company used an application that does NOT support lifecycle management. Is this a task
generated by Okta to remind the administrator to offboard the employee?
Solution: Deprovisioning task
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: A
Employee leaves an organization
As employees leave an organization, a process can be initiated by various departments to deactivate users. The user
account needs to be deactivated. Deprovisioning deactivates the user account from the Okta Universal Directory.
Deprovisioning ensures that persons who are no longer in your organization do not have access to sensitive applications
and data.
You can deprovision users in Okta or from an external user store, such as AD or a CRM app, such as Salesforce.
Typically, user deactivation is triggered from an external user store and it flows into Okta. In any case, deactivated
users are automatically deprovisioned from supported apps. Admins receive an email describing any apps that require
them to manually deprovision from users.
Question: 76
Is this a reason to build custom authorization servers in Okta?
Solution: To protect API endpoint owned by a third-part
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: A
Explanation: API Access Management allows you to build
custom authorization servers in Okta which can be used to protect your own API endpoints.
Question: 77
An administrator needs to limit multifactor authentication (MFA) factor type enrollment to end users located in a
corporate office.
Is this the feature that the administrator should use to set the corporate office perimeter?
Solution: Password policy
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 78
Is this a true statement about deleting Okta user accounts?
Solution: After an account is deleted, an administrator can reuse the deleted user name.
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: A
Permanently delete an end user account
You can permanently delete a deactivated user with the Delete button that appears in the directory screen for that user.
You cannot undo this deletion. After the deletion, the user is not visible on the People page and is not returned in API
responses. However, any log entries that reference the user are maintained. After deletion you can reuse the user name
and other identifiers.
Question: 79
Is this an Okta setting an end user can change?
Solution: Forgotten Password Question
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
Question: 80
Is this statement true regarding the lifespan of an unused API token in Okta? Solution: An unused API token expires
only on revocation.
A . Yes
B . No
Answer: B
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