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HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert -Routing & Switching) 2023 exam Dumps

H12-261 exam Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | exam Syllabus | exam Objectives

Huawei Certification follows the "platform + ecosystem" development strategy, which is a new collaborative architecture of ICT infrastructure based on "Cloud-Pipe-Terminal". Huawei has set up a complete certification system consisting of three categories: ICT infrastructure certification, Platform and Service certification and ICT vertical certification, and grants Huawei certification the only all-range technical certification in the industry.

Huawei offers three levels of certification: Huawei Certified ICT Associate (HCIA), Huawei Certified ICT Professional (HCIP), and Huawei Certified ICT Expert (HCIE).

Huawei certification covers all ICT fields, which is in line with the trend of ICT convergence. With its leading talent development system and certification standards, Huawei is committed to developing new ICT professionals in the digital era and building a healthy ICT talent ecosystem.

HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 certification is intended for experts in routing and switching network planning, design, and O&M.

To adapt to the development of network technologies and meet the requirements for data communication talent capabilities, HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 has been greatly optimized and improved based on V2.0, mainly in terms of new SDN technologies and IPv6 network technologies, in addition, many outdated network technologies, such as RIP and FR, are reduced. The experimental architecture also changes greatly to match the applications and scenarios on the live network, so that the HCIE-Routing & Switching certification owners have more practical network technologies and can adapt to the development trend of network technologies.

Product Overview
Through the HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 learning, trainees understand and master the L2 and L3 network technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 network protocols, routing control technologies, MPLS and MPLS L3 VPN technologies, multicast technologies, network security technologies, QoS technologies, SDN technologies, network management, and network performance optimization technologies.

The following materials will be included in the HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 certification training suite.

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 Training Outline

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 exam Outline

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 Training Materials

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 Lab Guide

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 LAB Mock Exam

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 Timetable

- HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 ilearningX Learning

The training materials of HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 are as follows:

- Layer 2 network technology

- IP Unicast Routing Technology

- MPLS VPN and inter-AS technology

- IP Features, such as security technology, HA, NMS, and QoS

- SDN technology

- Network planning and troubleshooting

The Lab guides of HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 are as follows:

- LAN and WAN Experiment

- IPv6 Transition Technology Experiment

- IP Unicast Routing Dual-Stack Experiment

- Route Import and Control Experiment

- Multicast Experiment


- IP Features experiment

HCIE-Routing & Switching V3.0 uses Huawei official simulator eNSP as the lab exam platform. Therefore, it is recommended that each training institution and examinee use eNSP as the teaching and experimental tool. This version does not provide the physical lab equipment list and the corresponding lab environment setup guide, please build the required lab topology and environment on the eNSP platform based on the lab guide by yourself.

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H12-261 sample Questions

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HCIE-R&S (Written) (Expert -Routing & Switching)
Question: 256
In RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) what is a port that provides an alternate path to the leaves of the Spanning Tree and
what state is this port in when it is not in the active topology?
A. Root port and listening
B. Alternate port and forwarding
C. Alternate port and learning
D. Designated port and learning
E. Backup port and discarding
F. None of the other
Answer: E
Question: 257
On a switch running the rapid spanning tree protocol, which port will send a BPDU with the proposal flag?
A. Designated port in forwarding state
B. Designated port in non-forwarding state or the Root port in forwarding state
C. Root port in blocking state
D. Alternate port
E. None of the other
Answer: B
Question: 258
Which of the following statements regarding Transparent Bridge tables are FALSE? (Select 2 s)
A. Decreasing the bridge table aging time would reduce flooding
B. Increasing the bridge table aging time would reduce flooding
C. Bridge table entries are learned by way of examining the source MAC address of each frame
D. Bridge table entries are learned by examining destination MAC addresses of each frame.
E. The bridge aging time should always be more than the aggregate time for detection and recalculation of the spanning
Answer: AD
Question: 259
802.1s defines deployment for which of the following?
A. One STP instance per set of Bridges
B. One global instance for all VLANs
C. One STP instance for each VLAN
D. One STP instance per set ofVLANs
Answer: D
Question: 260
If on a LAN switch Gigabit Ethernet or 10-Gigabit Ethernet port receive buffer becomes full what protocol can be used to
request remote port to delay sending frames for a specified time?
A. 802.1U
B. 802.3Z
C. 802.1D
D. 802.3
E. 802.3AF
Answer: B
Question: 261
Which of the following is used in Ethernet networks? (Select 3 s)
A. Non Canonical format MAC addresses.
B. CSMA/CD for media access.
C. Canonical format MAC addresses.
D. 802.5 encapsulated frames.
E. 802.3 encapsulated frames
Answer: BCE
Question: 262
Which of the following IEEE standards are used for Gigabit Ethernet? (Select 2 s)
A. 802.3z
B. 802.3ab
C. 802.3ad
D. 802.3af
E. All of the other
Answer: AB
Question: 263
Why does RSTP have a better convergence time than 802.1D?
A. it is newer
B. it has smaller timers
C. it has less overhead
D. it is not timer-based
Answer: D
Question: 264
Under which two circumstances would an RSTP bridge flush its Mac address table? (Select 2 s)
A. Upon a port state change
B. Upon receiving a topology change notification
C. When transitioning from discarding to forwarding
D. When transitioning from forwarding to discarding
E. Only when changing from listening to discarding
F. When CAM resources have been completely used up
Answer: BC
Question: 265
Spanning Tree Protocol calculates path cost based on which of these?
A. Interface bandwidth
B. Interface delay
C. Interface bandwidth and delay
D. Hop count
E. Bridge priority
Answer: A
Question: 266
When connecting a switch to another switch using Ethernet ports, what pinout should be used?
A. min_height 25
min_width 173
B. min_height 25
min_width 171
C. min_height 25
min_width 170
D. min_height 25
min_width 171
E. min_height 25
min_width 178
Answer: E
Question: 267
What spanning-tree protocol timer determines how often the root bridge send configuration BDPUs?
A. Forward Delay Timer
B. Hold Timer
C. STP Timer
D. Max Age Timer
E. Hello Timer
Answer: E
Question: 268
While troubleshooting a LAN issue on the HW network, you notice a number of unicast frames.Having multiple unknown
unicast frames in a switch would most likely deplete which of the following resources?
A. Power Consumption
B. MAC Addresses available in the system
C. Memory available for frame buffering
D. Available bandwidth
E. None of the other
F. TCAM entries
Answer: D
Question: 269
A cable one end connecting to port G0/0/17 and the other to port G0/0/18 in a stp enabled. Which of the following statements
is true?
A. port G0/0/17 will be stuck in the learning states
B. Both ports will be forwardin
C. port G0/0/17 will be blocke
D. port G0/0/18 will be blocke
E. port G0/0/18 will continuously move between the listening and learning states.
F. Both ports will be blocke
Answer: D
Question: 270
The LAN network is running the 802.1D spanning tree protocol. Which of the following are parameters that a bridge will
receive from the root bridge?
A. Forward delay
B. Root Cost
C. Maxage
D. A,B, and C
E. None of the other
Answer: D
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