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CCJE test Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | test Syllabus | test Objectives

Exam Detail:
The CCJE (Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer) is a certification test that validates the skills and knowledge of individuals in implementing and managing Jenkins, a popular open-source automation tool. Here are the test details for CCJE:

- Number of Questions: The test typically consists of multiple-choice questions and hands-on exercises. The exact number of questions may vary, but typically, the test includes around 60 to 80 questions.

- Time Limit: The time allocated to complete the test is 2 hours.

Course Outline:
The CCJE course covers various syllabus related to Jenkins and its usage in building and deploying applications. The course outline typically includes the following topics:

1. Introduction to Jenkins:
- Overview of continuous integration and continuous delivery concepts.
- Introduction to Jenkins and its role in the software development lifecycle.

2. Jenkins Installation and Configuration:
- Installing and setting up Jenkins.
- Configuring Jenkins plugins and global settings.
- Managing Jenkins security and access controls.

3. Job Configuration and Build Management:
- Creating and configuring Jenkins jobs.
- Managing source code repositories and version control systems.
- Configuring build triggers and scheduling.

4. Build Automation and Testing:
- Configuring build pipelines and workflows.
- Automating the build, test, and deployment processes.
- Implementing unit testing and integration testing.

5. Jenkins Distributed Builds:
- Setting up distributed build environments.
- Configuring Jenkins agents and nodes.
- Managing and monitoring distributed builds.

6. Jenkins Best Practices and Troubleshooting:
- Implementing best practices for Jenkins job configuration.
- Troubleshooting common issues and errors.
- Monitoring and optimizing Jenkins performance.

Exam Objectives:
The objectives of the CCJE test are as follows:

- Assessing candidates' understanding of Jenkins architecture and components.
- Evaluating candidates' knowledge of Jenkins installation, configuration, and plugin management.
- Testing candidates' proficiency in job configuration, build automation, and testing.
- Assessing candidates' ability to set up and manage distributed build environments.
- Evaluating candidates' knowledge of best practices and troubleshooting techniques in Jenkins.

Exam Syllabus:
The specific test syllabus for the CCJE test covers the following areas:

1. Jenkins Overview
2. Jenkins Installation and Configuration
3. Job Configuration and Build Management
4. Build Automation and Testing
5. Jenkins Distributed Builds
6. Jenkins Best Practices and Troubleshooting

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Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer
Question: 22
Which of the following are true about Declarative Pipelines: Choose 3 answers
A . Declarative syntax can express complex flows and conditionals.
B . A jenkinsfile can express the entire CI/CD process as code that is stored in a Source Code Management system.
C . Execution can be resumed after most failures.
D . The Jenkinsfile can incorporate any valid Apache Groovy code.
E . Declarative Pipeline uses the Pipeline domain specific language (DSL) to manipulate
Jenkins objects.
Answer: A,B,C
Question: 23
How can you easily see if a plug in you use needs to be upgraded to a new version?
A . Check the Jenkins Update Center.
B . Search for the plugin in the Jenkins artifact repository.
C . Email the maintainer.
D . Check the plugin wiki
Answer: A
Question: 24
Which is an advantage of using a replaceable build node?
A . It allows jobs to have dedicated machines tailored to specialized needs.
B . It improves the throughput of master executors.
C . It reduces the impact on productivity if there is an outage of a build node.
D . It decreases the load on the network.
Answer: A
Question: 25
What is the purpose of Pipeline checkpoints?
A . To allow continuing the build on another agent.
B . To avoid having to rerun the entire Pipeline If a transient error occurs.
C . To visually separate stages.
D . To run additional tests.
E . To configure pipelines to send a progress report by email when a checkpoint is reached.
Answer: A
Question: 26
What does Jenkins do after activating "Prepare for Shutdown" from "Manage Jenkins"?
A . Wait for existing builds to complete and then shut down Jenkins.
B . Wait for existing builds to complete and then restart Jenkins.
C . Cancel the effect of the "quiet-down" command if Jenkins is already in Quiet Down mode.
D . None of the above.
Answer: A
Question: 27
You have an Operations Center with two connected Masters. You want to start a job on Master B from a fob on
Master A .
What is the preferred way to accomplish this?
A. Use the Pipeline build step with the remote path URL argument.
B. Use the cross team collaboration feature to publish a build notification and subscribe to that notice from Jobs that
should run when the notification is published.
C. Broadcast an e-mail message from the Job on Master A and monitor the e-mail queue from Master B.
D. Use the "Trigger parameterized build on other projects" post-build step and specify the remote path as project name.
E. Use the trigger-remote-build CLI command and pass the Job URL as a parameter.
Answer: B
Question: 28
In a Freestyle fob, the tests are being executed within a Shell build step and then published vid the "Publish JUnit
results" post build action .
Which conditions must Alt be met In order for the JUnit publisher to display the job status .is "Unstable? Choose 3
A . The "Publish JUnR results" reporter finds the test reports.
B . All build steps are successful.
C . There is at least one SKIPPED test case.
D . All publishers before "Publish JUnit results" assign the SUCCESS status.
E . The overall "stability report amplification factor" is greater than 1.00.
F . There is at least one FAILED test case.
Answer: B,C,E
Question: 29
Which actions can you accomplish using the Cloud Bees Core Install Wizard? Choose 2 answers
A . Define the initial set of users for the instance.
B . Request an Evaluation License to use with the CloudBees Core instance being installed
C . Install a set of recommended plugins (which includes some proprietary plugins developed by CloudBees).
D . Define the initial security settings for the instance.
E . Update the Jenkins release used by an existing Operations Center.
Answer: A,C
Question: 30
On a Jenkins master, where would you configure tools like Maven, JDK, and Ant?
A . Manage Jenkins -> Global Tool Configuration
B . Build tools need to be configured manually on each agent.
C . Jenkins Nodes -> Install Tools
D . Manage Jenkins -> Configure System
Answer: A
Question: 31
When a Cloud Bees Core instance is enrolled in the CloudBees Assurance Program, which functions do the Beekeeper
Upgrade Assistant perform? Choose 2 answers
A . Perform automatic upgrades to new CloudBees Core releases as soon as they are available.
B . Configure, under certain circumstances, CAP-specific Update Centers.
C . Monitor the plugins installed in the instance.
D . Delete every Update Center configured in the instance.
E . Prevent any upgrades of plugins.
Answer: A,D
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