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Exam Specification:

- test Name: 312-49v10 Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI-v10)
- test Code: 312-49v10
- test Duration: 4 hours
- test Format: Multiple-choice questions
- Passing Score: 70%

Course Outline:

1. Introduction to Computer Forensics
- Computer forensics overview
- Legal and ethical considerations
- Investigative process and methodology

2. Digital Evidence Examination Process
- Collecting and preserving digital evidence
- Data acquisition and imaging
- Forensic analysis techniques

3. File Systems and Storage Forensics
- Understanding file systems and their structure
- File system analysis and recovery
- Analyzing storage media and devices

4. Network Forensics and Investigating Logs
- Network forensics fundamentals
- Investigating network traffic and protocols
- Analyzing log files for evidence

5. Forensics Investigations Using Forensic Tools
- Introduction to forensic tools
- Forensic imaging and analysis tools
- Data carving and data recovery techniques

6. Forensics Investigations Using Steganography and Encryption
- Steganography concepts and detection
- Encryption methods and their forensic implications
- Recovering encrypted and hidden information

7. Investigating Web Attacks and Email Crimes
- Web attack investigations
- Email crime investigations
- Tracing and identifying online activities

Exam Objectives:

1. Conduct a computer forensic investigation following legal and ethical guidelines.
2. Collect and preserve digital evidence using proper techniques and tools.
3. Analyze file systems, storage media, and devices for evidence extraction.
4. Perform network forensics and analyze network traffic and logs.
5. Utilize forensic tools for imaging, analysis, and data recovery.
6. Identify and analyze steganography and encryption methods.
7. Investigate web attacks and email crimes, tracing online activities.

Exam Syllabus:

The test syllabus covers the following subjects (but is not limited to):

- Computer forensics overview
- Legal and ethical considerations in forensic investigations
- Digital evidence examination process and methodology
- File systems, storage media, and device analysis
- Network forensics and log analysis
- Forensic tools for imaging, analysis, and recovery
- Steganography and encryption detection and analysis
- Web attack and email crime investigations

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Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI-v10)
Question: 90
Kyle is performing the final testing of an application he developed for the accounting department.
His last round of testing is to ensure that the program is as secure as possible. Kyle runs the following command.
What is he testing at this point?
#include #include int main(int argc, char
*argv[]) { char buffer[10]; if (argc < 2) { fprintf (stderr, "USAGE: %s stringn", argv[0]); return 1; }
strcpy(buffer, argv[1]); return 0; }
A. Buffer overflow
B. SQL injection
C. Format string bug
D. Kernal injection
Answer: A
Question: 91
After passing her CEH exam, Carol wants to ensure that her network is completely secure. She implements a DMZ,
stateful firewall, NAT, IPSEC, and a packet filtering firewall. Since all security measures were taken, none of the hosts
on her network can reach the Internet.
Why is that?
A. Stateful firewalls do not work with packet filtering firewalls
B. NAT does not work with stateful firewalls
C. IPSEC does not work with packet filtering firewalls
D. NAT does not work with IPSEC
Answer: D
Question: 92
You are the security analyst working for a private company out of France. Your current assignment is to obtain credit
card information from a Swiss bank owned by that company. After initial reconnaissance, you discover that the bank
security defenses are very strong and would take too long to penetrate. You decide to get the information by
monitoring the traffic between the bank and one of its subsidiaries in London. After monitoring some of the traffic,
you see a lot of FTP packets traveling back and forth. You want to sniff the traffic and extract usernames and
What tool could you use to get this information?
A. Airsnort
B. Snort
C. Ettercap
D. RaidSniff
Answer: C
Question: 93
What TCP/UDP port does the toolkit program netstat use?
A. Port 7
B. Port 15
C. Port 23
D. Port 69
Answer: B
Question: 94
Jonathan is a network administrator who is currently testing the internal security of his network. He is attempting to
hijack a session, using Ettercap, of a user connected to his Web server.
Why will Jonathan not succeed?
A. Only an HTTPS session can be hijacked
B. HTTP protocol does not maintain session
C. Only FTP traffic can be hijacked
D. Only DNS traffic can be hijacked
Answer: B
Question: 95
You are assisting a Department of Defense contract company to become compliant with the stringent security policies
set by the DoD. One such strict rule is that firewalls must only allow incoming connections that were first initiated by
internal computers.
What type of firewall must you implement to abide by this policy?
A. Packet filtering firewall
B. Circuit-level proxy firewall
C. Application-level proxy firewall
D. Stateful firewall
Answer: D
Question: 96
Printing under a Windows Computer normally requires which one of the following files types to be created?
Answer: C
Question: 97
Frank is working on a vulnerability assessment for a company on the West coast. The company hired Frank to assess
its network security through scanning, pen tests, and vulnerability assessments. After discovering numerous known
vulnerabilities detected by a temporary IDS he set up, he notices a number of items that show up as unknown but
Questionable in the logs. He looks up the behavior on the Internet, but cannot find anything related.
What organization should Frank submit the log to find out if it is a new vulnerability or not?
Answer: C
Question: 98
Meyer Electronics Systems just recently had a number of laptops stolen out of their office. On these laptops contained
sensitive corporate information regarding patents and company strategies. A month after the laptops were stolen, a
competing company was found to have just developed products that almost exactly duplicated products that Meyer
What could have prevented this information from being stolen from the laptops?
A. EFS Encryption
B. DFS Encryption
C. IPS Encryption
D. SDW Encryption
Answer: A
Question: 99
This organization maintains a database of hash signatures for known software.
A. International Standards Organization
B. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
C. National Software Reference Library
D. American National standards Institute
Answer: C
Question: 100
You have compromised a lower-level administrator account on an Active Directory network of a small company in
Dallas, Texas. You discover Domain Controllers through enumeration. You connect to one of the Domain Controllers
on port 389 using ldp.exe.
What are you trying to accomplish here?
A. Poison the DNS records with false records
B. Enumerate MX and A records from DNS
C. Establish a remote connection to the Domain Controller
D. Enumerate domain user accounts and built-in groups
Answer: D
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