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101-500 test Format | Course Contents | Course Outline | test Syllabus | test Objectives

Course Outline: LPIC-101 Certified Linux Administrator

This course prepares students to take the 101 test of the LPI level 1 certification. The
Linux Professional Institute (LPI) is the go to certification body for vendor independent
Linux certifications. This course covers fundamental Linux skills such as file
management and manipulation, text processing, command line use, package
management, filesystems, hardware, and many more. Students will feel confident
taking the LPI LPIC-1 101 test with in classroom assessments and practice exams.

Module 1: Work on the command line

 Role of command shell

 Shells

 Gathering system info

 Identifying the shell

 Changing the shell

 Shell prompts

 Bash: bourne-again shell

 Navigating the filesystem

 Help from commands and documentation

 Getting help within the graphical desktop

 Getting help with man $ info

 Bash: command line history

 Bash: command editing

 Bash: command completion

 Shell and environment variables

 Key environment variables Lab tasks

 Help with commands

 Linux shells

 Shell variables

 Bash history

 Aliases

Module 2: Use streams, pipes, and redirects

 File redirection

 Piping commands together

 Filename matching

 File globbing and wildcard patterns

 Brace expansion

 General quoting rules

 Nesting commands

 Gotchas: maximum command length

Lab tasks

 Redirection and pipes

 Wildcard file matching

 Shell meta-characters

 Command substitution

Module 3: Manage file permissions and ownership

 Filesystem hierarchy standard

 Displaying directory contents

 Filesystem structures

 Determining disk usage with df and du

 File ownership

 Default group ownership

 File and directory permissions

 File creation permissions with umask

 Changing file permissions

 Suid and sgid on files

 Sgid and sticky bit on directories

 User private group scheme

Lab tasks

 Navigating directories and listing files

 Disk and filesystem usage

 File and directory ownership and permissions

Module 4: Create, delete, find, and display files

 Directory manipulation

 File manipulation

 Deleting and creating files

 Physical unix file structure

 Filesystem links

 File extensions and content

 Which and type

 Whereis

 Searching the filesystem

 Alternate search method

 Manually installed shared libraries

Lab tasks

 Manipulating files and directories

Module 5: Work with archives and compression

 Archives with tar

 Archives with cpio

 The gzip compression utility

 The bzip2 compression utility

 The xz compression utility

 The pkzip archiving/compression format

Lab tasks

 Archiving and compression

 Using tar for backups

 Using cpio for backups

Module 6: Process text streams using filters

 Producing file statistics

 The streaming editor

 Replacing text characters

 Text sorting

 Duplicate removal utility

 Extracting columns of text

 Displaying files

 Prepare text for display

 Previewing files

 Displaying binary files

 Combining files and merging text

Lab tasks

 Text processing

 Processing text streams

Module 7: Search text files using regular expressions

 Searching inside files

 Regular expression overview

 Regular expressions

 Re character classes

 Regex quantifiers

 Re parenthesis

Lab tasks

 Pattern matching with regular expressions

 Extended regular expressions

 Using regular expressions with sed

Module 8: Perform basic file editing operations using vi

 Text editing

 Vi and vim

 Learning vim

 Basic vi

 Intermediate vi

Lab tasks

 Text editing with vim

Module 9: Create, monitor, and kill processes

 What is a process-

 Process lifecycle

 Process states

 Viewing processes

 Signals

 Tools to send signals

 Managing processes

 Tuning process scheduling

 Job control overview

 Job control commands

 Nohup and disown

 Uptime

 Persistent shell sessions with screen

 Using screen

 Advanced screen

Lab tasks

 Job control basics

 Process management basics

 Screen basics

 Using screen regions

Module 10: Use rpm, yum, and debian package management

 Managing software

 Rpm architecture

 Working with rpms

 Querying and verifying with rpm

 Installing debian packages

 Querying and verifying with dpkg

 The alien package conversion tool

 Managing software dependencies

 Using the yum command

 Yumdownloader

 Configuring yum

 The dselect $ apt frontends to dpkg

 Aptitude

 Configuring apt

Lab tasks

 Working with rpms on ubuntu

 Querying the rpm database

Module 11: Work with partitions, filesystems, and disk quotas

 Partition considerations

 Logical volume management

 Filesystem planning

 Partitioning disks with fdisk $ gdisk

 Resizing a gpt partition with gdisk

 Partitioning disks with parted

 Filesystem creation

 Filesystem support

 Unix/linux filesystem features

 Swap

 Selecting a filesystem

 Filesystem maintenance

 Mounting filesystems

 Mounting filesystems

 Managing an xfs filesystem

 Nfs

 Smb

 Filesystem table (/etc/fstab)

 Configuring disk quotas

 Setting quotas

 Viewing and monitoring quotas

Lab tasks

 Hot adding swap

 Accessing nfs shares

 Setting user quotas

Module 12: Linux boot process

 Booting Linux on pcs

 Grub 2

 Grub 2 configuration

 Grub legacy configuration

 Boot parameters

 Init

 Linux runlevels aliases

 Systemd and

 Runlevel implementation

 System boot method overview

 Systemd system and service manager

 Systemd targets

 Using systemd

 Shutdown and reboot

 System messaging commands

 Controlling system messaging

Lab tasks

 Command line messaging

 Messaging with talkd

 Boot process

 Grub command line

 Basic grub security

Module 13: Determine and configure hardware settings

 Managing Linux device files

 Hardware discovery tools

 Configuring new hardware with hwinfo

 Pc architecture and bus

 Dma $ irq

 Usb devices

 Usb configuration

 Configuring kernel components and modules

 Kernel modules

 Handling module dependencies

 Configuring the kernel via /proc/

 Kernel hardware info – /sys/

 /sys/ structure

 Random numbers and /dev/random

Lab tasks

 Adjusting kernel options

Module 14: linux fundamentals

 Unix and its design principles

 Fsf and gnu

 Gpl – general public license

 The linux kernel

 Components of a distribution

 Red hat linux products

 Suse linux products

 Debian

 Ubuntu

 Logging in

 Got root-

 Switching user contexts

Gathering login session info

Lab tasks

 Login and discovery

 Switching users with su

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101-500 PDF trial Questions

101-500 trial Questions

LPIC-1 test 101
Question: 78
What is the name of the main configuration file for GNU GRUB? (Specify the file name only without any path.)
Answer: menu.lst, grub.conf, grub.cfg
Question: 79
Which of the following commands moves and resumes in the background the last stopped shell job?
A. run
B. bg
C. fg
D. back
Answer: B
Question: 80
The message "Hard Disk Error" is displayed on the screen during Stage 1 of the GRUB boot process.
What does this indicate?
A. The kernel was unable to execute /bin/init
B. The next Stage cannot be read from the hard disk because GRUB was unable to determine the size and geometry of
the disk
C. One or more of the filesystems on the hard disk has errors and a filesystem check should be run
D. The BIOS was unable to read the necessary data from the Master Boot Record to begin the boot process
Answer: B
Question: 81
Which of the following explanations are valid reasons to run a command in the background of your shell?
A. The command does not need to execute immediately.
B. The command has to run immediately but the user needs to log out.
C. The system is being shut down and the command needs to restart execution immediately after the reboot.
D. The command can run at a lower priority than normal commands run on the command line.
Answer: B
Question: 82
Which of the following commands lists all currently installed packages when using RPM
package management?
A. yum query all
B. yum list installed
C. rpm query all
D. rpm list Cinstalled
Answer: C
Question: 83
You want to preview where the package file, apache-xml.i386.rpm, will install its files before installing it.
What command do you issue?
A. rpm -qp apache-xml.i386.rpm
B. rpm -qv apache-xml.i386.rpm
C. rpm -ql apache-xml.i386.rpm
D. rpm -qpl apache-xml.i386.rpm
Answer: D
Question: 84
Which of the following options is used in a GRUB Legacy configuration file to define the amount of time that the
GRUB menu will be shown to the user?
A. hidemenu
B. splash
C. timeout
D. showmenu
Answer: C
Question: 85
You suspect that a new ethernet card might be conflicting with another device.
Which file should you check within the /proc tree to learn which IRQs are being used by which kernel drivers?
Answer: interrupts, /proc/interrupts
Question: 86
What information can the lspci command display about the system hardware? (Choose THREE correct answers.)
A. Device IRQ settings
B. PCI bus speed
C. System battery type
D. Device vendor identification
E. Ethernet MAC address
Answer: A,B,D
Question: 87
What happens after issuing the command vi without any additional parameters?
A. vi starts and loads the last file used andmoves the cursor to the position where vi was when it last exited.
B. vi starts and requires the user to explicitly either create a new or load an existing file.
C. vi exits with an error message as it cannot be invoked without a file name to operate on.
D. vi starts in command mode and opens a new empty file.
E. vi starts and opens a new file which is filled with the content of the vi buffer if the buffer contains text.
Answer: D
Question: 88
Which function key is used to start Safe Mode in Windows NT?
A. F10
B. F8
C. F6
D. Windows NT does not support Safe Mode
Answer: D
Question: 89
Which of the following commands reboots the system when using SysV init? (Choose TWO correct answers.)
A. shutdown -r now
B. shutdown -r "rebooting"
C. telinit 6
D. telinit 0
E. shutdown -k now "rebooting"
Answer: A,C
Question: 90
From a Bash shell, which of the following commands directly executes the instruction from the file
/usr/local/bin/ without starting a subshell? (Please select TWO answers.)
A. source /usr/local/bin/
B. . /usr/local/bin/
C. /bin/bash /usr/local/bin/
D. /usr/local/bin/
E. run /usr/local/bin/
Answer: A,B
Question: 91
Which of the following commands prints a list of usernames (first column) and their primary group (fourth column)
from the /etc/passwd file?
A. fmt -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
B. split -c 1,4 /etc/passwd
C. cut -d : -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
D. paste -f 1,4 /etc/passwd
Answer: C
Question: 92
What is the default nice level when a process is started using the nice command?
A. -10
B. 10
C. 20
D. 0
Answer: B
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The insurance Institute for dual carriageway defense (IIHS) entrance-crash tests are fairly distinctive from NHTSA's in that they are designed to spotlight the car's structural integrity, in addition to restraint efficiency. IIHS now conducts two series of entrance-crash tests, one which engages forty % of a vehicle's front and a more moderen check, inaugurated in 2012, that makes use of a smaller overlap, enticing just 25 p.c of the motor vehicle's entrance.

both simulate what would ensue if two cars of the equal weight and type crashed head-on, partially overlapping. The older examine, with the forty-p.c offset, engages the component straight ahead of the driving force. The more moderen test is extra like a head-on crash where two vehicles hit left-headlight to left-headlight or a single-vehicle crash into a hard and fast object like a utility pole or tree. These are very distinctive from the  full-width crash NHTSA makes use of. both the IIHS front-crash situations use an affect velocity of forty mph as an alternative of 35 mph; and handiest the left front of the motor vehicle hits the barrier. The 40-p.c overlap look at various uses a deformable barrier while the 25-p.c overlap check uses a inflexible barrier.

One impact of the new small-overlap examine is that the car tends to rotate across the point of have an impact on because the crash proceeds. due to the fact occupants then movement to the facet in addition to forwards, the check poses new challenges to a few defense-belt and air-bag techniques. however here is a frontal crash, the aspect-have an effect on air baggage could need to installation as smartly. moreover, many automobiles are not designed to face up to a nook hit as well as they address an impact that engages a much broader component of the front. There may also be more intrusion into the driver's foot-neatly, which can cause severe leg injuries.

each of the IIHS frontal checks are more stringent than NHTSA's since the speed is better and the crash energy is concentrated on a smaller enviornment. In each, an instrument-geared up crash dummy within the driver's seat data forces to the pinnacle and neck, chest, legs, and toes. motors are rated pretty much as good, suited, Marginal, or bad based on what happens to vehicle structure, in addition to forces on the dummies.


The IIHS side-have an effect on examine is greater severe than NHTSA's. The look at various uses a heavier brilliant barrier at three,300 kilos, in comparison with NHTSA's at three,015 kilos. extra, the IIHS barrier strikes bigger up on the tested automobile to simulate a vehicle being hit on the side at ninety levels with the aid of a standard-height SUV or truck. The IIHS bases its scores on head, neck, chest, abdomen, pelvis, and leg harm.

the two dummies in the IIHS aspect-crash examine characterize a small adult female or a 12-year-historic adolescent. One is the motive force, the different a left-rear passenger. different crash tests performed by NHTSA and the IIHS use a dummy that simulates a standard-sized adult male.

See video clips of how automobiles operate in IIHS' front and side crash exams.

IIHS rear-influence opinions

though regular, not many rear-have an effect on crashes are deadly. however they do trigger many injuries, notably whiplash trauma to the neck. The IIHS evaluates rear influences with physical inspections and crash checking out. The crash look at various, which is performed with the automobile seat connected to a relocating sled, simulates a rear-conclusion crash about reminiscent of a stationary automobile being struck at 20 mph by using a car of the identical weight.

the key to rear-affect protection is head-restraint design. Restraints should be excessive satisfactory and located close satisfactory to the back of the pinnacle to cradle an occupant's head in a rear collision. those restraints that are obviously too low or sick-designed instantly receive a bad score from IIHS, whereas these with an opportunity of presenting good coverage are crash-validated.

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